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Due to overwhelming demand for our services on the Eastside (Bellevue and the surrounding areas), we’ve decided to add hours each week in our Bellevue Location. We are presently seeing patients in our Bellevue office on Saturdays, but will soon be open to seeing patients on some weekdays as well.

Dr. Sharif can help

If you’ve never tried naturopathic medicine or homeopathy, it may be surprising for you to see how quickly chronic conditions can improve with natural treatments. Dr. Sharif is an acclaimed local naturopathic doctor who specializes in difficult-to-treat conditions of all types.

Bellevue Naturopathic Doctor and Homeopath

The conventional medical approach mostly focuses on treating symptoms rather than addressing the underlying causes of illness and disease. The body is not looked at as a whole and unified system- body systems and parts are compartmentalized, and patients often end up seeing multiple specialists to address their health concerns. Out of desperation, patients feel forced to use powerful pharmaceutical medications to treat their symptoms, and more often than not develop undesirable side effects to these medications. All along, most (if not all) of their symptoms, could have been simply managed by natural approaches and therapies without any side effects. In naturopathic medicine, we believe the body and mind make up a whole and unified system possessing a deep intelligence that governs and elegantly connects all the parts. Naturopathic doctors help their patients recover their health and achieve optimal health by helping reignite and stimulate the deep innate healing systems in their patients. Of course, identifying and addressing the root causes of their patients’ illness(es) is an integral part of this process, and always takes precedence over the use of any natural medicines.

Naturopathic doctors (NDs) are licensed primary care physicians who specialize in the use of natural medicines and diet. In addition to the various alternative tests (such as blood food allergy testing, adrenal gland evaluation, and heavy metal analysis) and natural medicines of all types, naturopathic doctors also utilize conventional allopathic tests (blood tests and diagnostic imaging studies) and in some cases even prescribe pharmaceutical medications when absolutely necessary.

At the Whole Health Clinic, we have helped hundreds of patients over the years with acute and chronic conditions of all types using specific dietary recommendations and natural medicines researched and specifically selected for each patient’s unique dietary as well as medical needs. Our extensive new patient office intake form and the longer first visit are designed in order to identify all the various possible root causes of the patient’s imbalances. At our clinic, we help our patients travel their journey towards optimal health by optimizing their health rather than superficially treating their symptoms. Below you can read how we have helped various conditions such as skin conditions, digestive problems, rheumatological disorders, headaches, psychological, conditions, etc.

All Natural

We recommend specific lifestyle and dietary modifications, herbal and nutritional supplements, homeopathic remedies, essential oils, flower essences, tissue salts, specific hydrotherapy treatments, etc. All proven natural methods.

Measurable Results

Patients with acute and chronic conditions of various types often experience relief and measureable improvements within a short period of time.

Compassionate Care

We understand how difficult your health recovery journey can be, and we promise to make your journey easier by offering you effective medical care, prompt service, availability (by phone or email), comprehensive visits, compassion, respect, and confidentiality.

Helping patients in Bellevue and surrounding areas resolve digestive conditions naturally

“Dr. Sharif offered an elimination diet and some natural medicines. Within days, all my symptoms disappeared. Now (a few months later), I do not even need to continue the natural medicines if I only follow my recommended diet. I am very grateful to Dr. Sharif for his help.”


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“I’ve had a history of stomach problems for over 7 years. They became very severe so I tried giving up gluten… and antibiotics. …After seeing Dr. Sharif and taking that [the homeopathic remedy] I haven’t had any problems. The is the first time I feel like I’m completely healed…”


Now serving you conveniently from our Bellevue location

Helping patients in Bellevue and surrounding areas resolve dermatological conditions naturally.

We specialize in homeopathy, naturopathic detoxification (i.e. organ health optimization) as well as food allergy testing and nutritional counseling. Using the above therapies/approaches, satisfactory results can be achieved in treating nearly all skin conditions including acne, boils, burns, cellulitis, eczema, erysipelas, folliculitis, ganglion cyst, impetigo, rosacea, pruritis (itching), psoriasis, rashes, tinea, ulcers, urticaria (hives), warts and other skin conditions that are not even diagnosable. It’s noteworthy that skin conditions that are often difficult to treat by conventional pharmaceutical treatments are often the easiest to treat by natural therapies.

“I had Eczema so bad on my hands that I had to get like 15 shots in my fingers every month… All the shots would do would stop it from cracking and bleeding… He (old doctor) gave me cream after cream after cream to try… I’ve tried every cream that you can think of… and within 3 days [now] it’s gone.”


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“In the course of 7 months, I became very ill with chronic eczema and recurring staph and impetigo infections that covered my face… The blood food allergy test has saved my life… Dr. Sharif is more than a doctor, he is a real healer and has the most compassion and care for his patients.”


Resources on Other Conditions

Rheumatological Conditions

At Whole Health Clinic, we’ve helped numerous patients with bursitis, fibromyalgia, myositis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, tennis elbow, and many other rheumatological conditions.

Flu, Sinusitis, Strept Throat...

At Whole Health Clinic, we’ve helped reduce the length and severity of flu symptoms, Strept Throat, Mono, and many other acute bacterial and viral infections.


We have a high success rate of treating even the toughest headaches. We utilize homeopathic and other natural therapies that are not only highly effective in treating headaches but are also not habit-forming.

Pediatric Conditions

As a rule, children heal much faster than adults. Typically, one homeopathic remedy and a few dietary changes go a long way in most children’s care…

Acute or Chronic Conditions? Whole Health Clinic Can Help You.

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