Therapeutic and Maintenance Detoxification and Cleansing Protocols

One of the most important things that you can do for your health is to undergo a complete detoxification and cleansing program. We all know about cleaning the outside of our bodies, but we know little about how to clean the inside of our bodies.

What are the sources of toxins in our bodies?
External toxins come from polluted air, water, soil, cigarette smoke, alcohol, medications, food additives and artificial food colorings, and household chemicals.

Internal toxins are constantly being produced by our own bodies. Our organs of elimination are constantly eliminating these natural internal toxins, such as urea.

How are toxins eliminated from our bodies?
There are 5 main organs of elimination: Liver, colon, kidneys, lungs and skin.

What is detoxification and cleansing?
Detoxification is our natural process of waste removal from the cells and tissues. Cleansing is the process of active elimination of toxins from the body. When these two processes function normally, optimal health is achieved.

How do I enhance my body’s own natural detoxification processes?
The following BASIC TREATMENT GUIDELINES are designed to do just that. Each of the following suggestions is an attempt to enhance your body’s natural metabolic processes through the digestive system, liver, kidneys, skin, and lungs. They will help achieve our optimal physical, mental and spiritual health. All are essential to help you optimize elimination with minimal aggravation, while undergoing your specific treatment suggestions.

1) For your digestive tract…
DIET – Follow Dr. Sharif’s specific dietary recommendations for your particular situation. CHEW your food well and do not drink anything while eating. Wait for at least 30 minutes before you drink any fluids. Eat fresh garlic as often as possible. Include at least one serving of either steamed or raw greens a day.

Add 1-2 tsp. of organic apple cider vinegar to 6-8 ounces of water and drink 15-30 minutes before each meal. (optional – you may add ½ – 1tsp. of pure honey or maple syrup if desired.) Note: If you have any gastrointestinal problems such as ulcers, you must consult with a naturopathic physician prior to consuming apple cider vinegar.

2) For you kidneys…
WATER – Drink at least the equivalent of one-half your body weight in ounces. We suggest you drink mostly water for the first 6 weeks of your treatment. You CAN include green drinks such as chlorophyll, chorella, spirulina, Phytogreens, and barley greens (except green tea).

HYDROTHERAPY – End your shower with a cool water spray, starting with the extremities and finishing with the low back, for 15 – 30 seconds to return blood flow to your internal organs. Note: If you have a heart condition, consult with Dr. Sharif before you do any hydrotherapy applications.

3) For your skin and lymphatic circulation…
DRY SKIN BRUSHING* – To help stimulate circulation, thoroughly brush all of your skin, using short, very light, frequent strokes toward the heart for 45 -60 seconds. It is best to do this on dry skin BEFORE BED. Use a vegetable fiber brush, natural sponge, or a loofah sponge.

4) For your liver, lymphatic circulation and immune system…
CASTOR OIL PACKS (COP)* – THIS IS ESSENTIAL TO THE SUCCESS OF YOUR TREATMENT. Consult with Dr. Sharif as to the specifics of this application.
Use the castor oil pack for 30-40 minutes each day.
During the COP, include one or more of the following:
    MUSIC – Turn on a favorite relaxing CD while breathing.
    HEALING VISUALIZATION – While in a relaxed environment, breathe in healing energy and direct it to the system or organ of concern. Exhale any waste or tension in the area. Picture your body in its optimal state of health and realize only YOU can achieve that level of well being.

5) For your lungs…
DEEP BREATHING – Do this in conjunction with the castor oil pack. Lying flat on your back with your head lower than your body, place your left hand on your upper chest and your right hand on your abdomen. Inhale deeply through the nose, while pushing outward with the stomach so the right hand can feel the abdomen rise. Try not to move the left hand while inhaling. In other words, breathe in with your stomach muscles not with your chest. Purse your lips and exhale slowly pushing the abdomen inward and upward toward the ribs moving your right hand as you do so. Try to exhale as long as you can before inhaling again. Once you have mastered this breathing technique, the breathing may be done at other times throughout the day. Try to do at least 100 breaths each day.

For overall physical, mental and spiritual health…
MOVEMENT – As another aid to circulation, we recommend that you move your muscles daily. Walking, rebounding (mini-trampoline), yoga or qi gong are all excellent ideas. Aerobic activity and stretching are also very helpful.

SLEEP – Try to go to bed at the same time everyday and get up at the same time everyday. Every hour of sleep before 12:00 midnight is worth 2 hours after midnight. A good night’s sleep will also improve your memory and help balance your hormone system. It has been suggested that up to 80% of females have a hormone imbalance. It is recommended that you get between 7-8.5 hours of sleep EVERY night for optimal wellness.

PLAY – Do something FUN everyday. LAUGHTER is essential for stress management and a healthy heart.

* Note: You can purchase a skin brush, castor oil and a castor oil pack (made of wool flannel) from you local PCC (Puget Consumer’s Coop).

Is there any supplements/medicines I can take to help me with detox?
Yes. There are two classes of therapies that help with detoxification/cleansing in our bodies.

The first class of therapies is supplements that are meant to help with gross, organ-level detoxification. There are a number of over-the-counter products that are designed to help with detoxification at the organ level. These products mainly target the liver and the colon.

The second class of therapies is medicines that are known as “drainage” remedies or UNDA Numbered Compounds (Refer to the section on “Drainage Remedies”.) These remedies are used to bring about deep, cellular and intracellular detoxification within various organs and organ systems. Drainage is involved not only in helping to eliminate toxic accumulation but also serves to stimulate the proper function of organs in order to improve the patient’s overall health. These products are not over-the-counter, and are prescribed by qualified health care practitioners such as naturopathic physicians. Dr. Sharif prescribes drainage remedies extensively in his practice.

What would be an example of how detoxification/cleansing could help resolve a chronic, debilitating disease?
A great example of the use of UNDA numbers would be the following: A 55 year old woman with chief complaint of rheumatoid arthritis of 20-year duration that had not responded to pharmaceuticals came to me to seek natural treatment. Past medical history revealed urinary system insufficiency in this patient. She had already tried various herbs that help with the functioning of the urinary system, and had found them to be useful, but not entirely satisfactory.
My initial treatment consisted of a diet void of foods that were found to cause allergies/sensitivities for her, and high quality herbal and nutrient therapies that are traditionally used to treat the symptoms of R.A. (medicines that help with joint symptoms), not the urinary system. Her R.A. symptoms initially improved, but slowly returned, and in time, started to worsen. Upon further extensive investigation, the patient revealed that the onset of the urinary symptoms coincided with the onset of her R.A. symptoms. She also revealed that her main source of liquid throughout the day was black tea- She hardly ever had plain water. I urged her to stop drinking black tea (as black tea is a diuretic and can cause water excretion from the body), and start drinking plain, filtered water. I then recommended specific UNDA numbers that help with the functioning of the urinary system on a deep cellular level. The patient’s urination slowly improved, and consequently her rheumatic symptoms were significantly alleviated. The reason for this outcome is that this patient’s toxins were clearly not being removed effectively and efficiently by her kidneys, and the use of the UNDA numbers improved that problem. This is an example the kind of chronic cases that naturopathic medicine can reliably help resolve.

As you can see, detoxification is what is often needed to treat and ultimately cure chronic disease.