About Susan Blake

Susan BlakeSusan Blake takes a whole-body approach to healing. The human body is an extraordinary mass of cellsand microbes that all work together to sustain life. All parts interact synergistically; therefore, when imbalanced, they need to be supported from all aspects  of healing – mind, body, essence, and food. In order to provide outstanding support for your health challenges and needs, Susan has acquired education and credentials, with honors from many reputable Schools and Associations including a Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States, an undergraduate degree from the University of Washington, certification from the Nutritional Therapy Association (NTP), The Gut and Psychology Syndrome training (CGP) and training from the Internal Family Systems Institute (IFS Practitioner).

Since 2008, Susan has provided individual nutrition consultations to help people modify their diet, support underlying digestive and other systemic issues, rebalance the microbiome, lose weight, and address the greatest obstacle to being healthy – the habits and patterns related to food and eating. In addition to providing private consultations, Susan has extensive teaching and presenting experience. She loves to give nutrition-related classes, presentations, workshops and provide support groups. She currently teaches through Green River Colleges, Centers for Spiritual Living, The Whole Health Clinic, and gives presentations at Marlene’s Market and Deli.

Outside of work and teaching, Susan is very passionate about participating in hot yoga, mindfulness, dancing, eating well, and learning from every opportunity. She enjoys every moment with her partner, family, friends and especially her grown son. She is grateful for all she has learned through parenting her gifted and incredible child who is now an exceptional young man. Most of all, Susan practices gratitude for all that she has and is.

Susan is very excited to be providing services at the Whole Health Clinic in Kent, WA in the presence of Dr. Sharum Sharif, ND and at Hawthorn Natural Health in Tacoma, WA with many amazing practitioners. She is also looking forward to meeting you and helping you improve your health! Her services include individual nutrition consultations and appointment packages to address weight loss, a direct care monthly membership, elimination diet for food sensitivities, microbiome rebalancing, and eating patterns/mindful eating. Please like her Facebook page at . This is where she will post specials, coupons, up-coming classes, workshops and more.

Please contact Susan at:
(253) 778-0684



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