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The homeopathic community needs your help since FDA may ban the use of many, if not all, homeopathic remedies. Provide your comments to FDA in support of homeopathy ASAP. The deadline was in March, but has been extended to May 23. You can definitely make a difference! This process will literally take ONLY ONE MINUTE. Click on the link below, scroll down the page a bit, and fill out the information (name, address, etc.) and then follow the prompts to submit your information.

FDA Comment

Please take just a few moments to ask your friends or family members to also comment. SHARE this link with your friends all over social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) so that others can also contribute to the preservation of this safe and effective branch of medicine.

Homeopaths across the planet, including myself, are unanimously getting wonderful results helping patients with COVID-19. In the middle of this terrible pandemic which could continue to plague our species for years to come, not to mention we could have other deadly epidemics/pandemics coming our way in the future, the world desperately needs homeopathy now more than ever before in our lifetime. And, if you have a homeopathic remedy kit, you are not necessarily covered! You or your loved ones may need a remedy in the future that is NOT in your kit, and it may be impossible to obtain the very remedy(ies) that could save the lives of people you love with all your heart and soul!

Americans for Homeopathy Choice is an organization you can join if you’d like to support homeopathy in any capacity. Spend some time on their website to get familiar with all that this small and nearly 100% volunteer organization has done and continues to do to support homeopathy.


If you’d like to volunteer your time, money, skills, etc., to support homeopathy in general and Americans for Homeopathy Choice in particular, you may consider becoming a volunteer at this organization. Here is the link:


If you’d like to receive newsletters from Americans for Homeopathy, sign up at:

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For more information on the subject of homeopathy & FDA, you can go to this link on their site:

As an aside, on April 29, I was interviewed by AM820, a local Christian radio station, discussing COVID-19 and homeopathy. The podcast for this 30-minute radio interview is on the bottom of my homepage,

Thank you all for your continued efforts to protect homeopathy!