Eric – Before and After


Post concussion neurological symptoms reversed within minutes with a homeopathic remedy

Eric’s constitutional remedy is Helleborus.

Eric was suffering continuously for three months from a severe headache (10/10 severity) that developed after a car accident. The accident had resulted in a severe concussion with various neurological symptoms. He was also suffering from several other symptoms secondary to a previous concussion that occured nearly 20 years earlier. His numerous symptoms were significantly alleviated within minutes after taking his “constitutional” homeopathic remedy- Helleborus 200C. As you can see in his one and a half month follow up video, his headache and all of his neurological symptoms were completely alleviated within 24 hours after his first visit. They had not returned at the time of his one and half month follow up visit. He only had to take one dose of a homeopathic remedy during his initial visit, and no more. He did not have to take any other supplements or drugs of any type, just the one dose of a homeopathic remedy. (Note: Not everyone with a concussion benefits from the remedy Helleborus. Homeopathic remedies are carefully selected based on each patient’s unique set of symptoms.)