Dr. Sharum Sharif, N.D., is a board-certified, licensed naturopathic physician and a 2003 graduate of Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington. He is also a homeopath, and is a graduate of the New England School of Homeopathy. He works full-time as a naturopathic physician at his two clinics in Kent and Bellevue, Washington, and is an affiliate clinical faculty at Bastyr University.

Prior to pursuing a doctorate degree in naturopathic medicine, Dr. Sharif received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington, and worked as an engineer at Microsoft and other software companies for several years.


Dr. Sharif has written a book on homeopathy titled “Visual Homeopathy”, and has taught homeopathy at various naturopathic schools in North America.  Additionally, he has given talks on homeopathy at various statewide, regional, and national naturopathic associations (i.e. the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians).

Dr. Sharif teaches occasional courses at Bastyr University and has been a guest lecturer at various organizations throughout the Puget Sound area.

While a student in naturopathic medical school, he tutored anatomy for two years.   And, finally, in his earlier years in college while a pre-med student and pursuing his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, he taught calculus and chemistry.


As a naturopathic primary care physician, Dr. Sharif provides a holistic, natural approach to the primary care medical needs of the whole family. His medical paradigm focuses on optimizing health rather than treating disease. He is particularly interested in providing care for individuals with complex conditions that have been impossible or difficult to diagnose or treat using allopathic (or Western) medicine as well as conventional naturopathic medicine.

He believes that there is no use taking supplements (vitamins, minerals, herbs, etc.) if the internal organs are not functioning properly and/or if the person is energetically not balanced (i.e. if the person requires energetic approaches such as homeopathy or acupuncture).

As an x-engineer and a naturopathic physician, he brings a unique approach to medical case analysis and management, utilizing a comprehensive, analytical, and step-by-step methodology.

Specifically, Dr. Sharif’s approach to patient care includes:

  1. Comprehensive office intake forms (these can be downloaded from the website).
  2. Extensive office visits during which time he thoroughly investigates the patient’s current and past medical, family, and social history.
  3. Complete head-to-toe physical examination.
  4. Comprehensive conventional blood, urine, and sometime salivary tests.
  5. Various alternative tests performed mainly by the naturopathic community. (Some examples are adrenal hormone testing to assess “adrenal fatigue”, NTx testing to monitor osteoporosis by measuring calcium loss in the urine, intracellular nutritional analysis, etc.)
  6. Various diagnostic imaging tests (such as X-ray, CT scans, MRI, and Ultrasound) to further assess the health of the internal organs and bodily tissues if necessary.
  7. Typed treatment plans for the patient to take home at every visit. These thorough ½ – 1 page health optimization protocols may include :
    • Dietary and lifestyle suggestions
    • Prescription for specific nutritional and herbal supplements
    • Prescription for homeopathic remedies uniquely tailored for each concern
    • Natural hormones (thyroid, bio-identical female hormones, adrenal glandulars)
    • Referrals to other health care providers if necessary

    Achieving optimal health is an ongoing and dynamic process, so at each visit, Dr. Sharif’’s recommendations will address new issues that have come up since the prior visit. For example, during one visit, he might focus entirely on the internal organs, and at another visit, he might shift his focus to the mental/emotional aspect of the patient, all depending on what takes priority.  For more information on this subject, refer to the article (under Educational Articles page) on this website titled “7 Steps to Healing”.

  8. Numerous educational materials are provided to help empower patients to take charge of their own health. They may receive handouts on topics such as diet, lifestyle, supplements, medicines, or other health related subjects.

It is the above comprehensive approach that enables Dr. Sharif to identify the root cause of his patients’ problems (even if the patient can not be diagnosed with any one particular disease), and to successfully treat his patients. There are often ever-so-subtle medical problems that can have a significant impact on a person’’s overall health and healing, and yet the problem is not “diagnosable” or at least not acknowledged in conventional medicine. This is why and how Dr. Sharif welcomes complex and challenging conditions of all types.

To summarize, Dr. Sharif’s philosophy involves treating the whole person, not just the symptoms. He accomplishes this by removing the obstacles that might be blocking the body’’s ability to heal, optimizing the health of the internal organs, and then helping the patient on the mental/emotional level. He believes that even the most perplexing conditions, including auto-immune diseases and cancer, can be treated and ultimately potentially cured by following this truly holistic approach to healthcare.

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