Kids’ Corner

Children usually heal much faster than adults. Often, one homeopathic remedy and a couple of supplements is sufficient to help regain their balance. If your child suffers from psycho-emotional problems of any kind, homeopathic remedies are particularly effective in treating the problem.

If your child happens to verbally/physically explode when upset, I would highly recommend that you read the book “The Explosive Child” by Dr. Ross Greene, PhD.

It’s noteworthy that often children that act out suffer from some type of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). PTSD in children presents differently from adults. Acting out and crying for no reason are two common symptoms. EFT (tapping) as well as constitutional homeopathy are highly effective therapies for PTSD. (Refer to various sections on this website to learn more about these therapies.)

As you see in the following videos, children respond wonderfully to natural medicines.

Father and daughter

Food allergies can cause severe daily vomiting.

After over a year of vomiting on a daily basis, this wonderful girl’s vomiting ended within 3 days upon stopping the consumption of gluten and dairy, probably the top two most common food allergies/sensitivities in North America. It’s noteworthy that these two foods did not show up as allergenic foods for this girl when an allergist ran a conventional skin allergy test on her. Naturopathic doctors run into this discrepancy on a regular basis- food allergies do not show up very well on a skin allergy test (not to mention how the child cries through the entire process of being pricked numerous times during the entire test). A blood food allergy (IgE) test and/or food sensitivity (IgG) test tend to be much more useful than a conventional skin allergy test run by allergists in finding a person’s food-related problems. It is noteworthy that food allergies and/or sensitivities can cause problems anywhere in the body from head to toes. Naturopathic doctors order blood IgE and/or IgG testing on a regular basis for their patients.  I have found that the conventional skin allergy testing may be potentially more helpful for finding a person’s environmental allergies as opposed to food allergies.  (Note how kindly and respectfully this wonderful father treats his daughter.)

Homeopathic remedies are sometimes far more effective than supplements in treating digestive problems.

Additionally, as you can see here, homeopathic remedies can also improve a person’s mood while the physical symptoms are getting treated. Thus, the term “wholistic medicine”.

Kimberly and Jacob

Homeopathy helps reverse cold symptoms within hours.

Jacob’s Constitutional Homeopathic remedy is Silica. (Refer to Educational Articles page for more information on Constitutional Homeopathy.) Taking his remedy helps reverse his cold symptoms within hours.


Homeopathy helps kids smile again.

Prior to being treated at Whole Health Clinic, Sophia was taking Vyvanse and Zoloft for the management of her ADHD, depression, and mood issues. Homeopathy has helped Sophia get off of both of these medications. According to her mother (who you can hear on the video), Sophia has started to laugh for the first time in her life. She no longer takes everything personally, and is not as sensitive to people’s comments about her. She is not nearly as aggressive towards others, and is much better able to control her mood. In fact, one of the most significant changes, in her parents’ view, is that Sophia’s anger is impressively helped by her homeopathic remedy which she only seems to need once every few weeks as opposed to her pharmaceutical medications which were to be taken daily. Her hyperactivity is also under control with her homeopathic remedy. Her height and weight were 5% for a few years prior to receiving naturopathic care. Within several months afterwards, her height and weight increased to 15%. The pharmaceutical medications had significantly suppressed her appetite, and she now has a normal appetite.

Aimee and Aeron

1-2 years of fatigue, constipation and poor appetite completely turned around in one week

Aaron was suffering from fatigue, lack of appetite, and constipation for one to two years prior to seeing us. At Aaron’s first visit, I recommended both biotherapeudic drainage/detox (using UNDA drops) and his “constitutional” homeopathic remedy. Within a week, all of the above complaints were completely alleviated. (Note: You can do a search on “drainage” as well as “constitutional homeopathy” on our site for more information.)

Aaron’s rigidity and OCD were also helped with these therapies. It is noteworthy that it must be the constitutional homeopathic remedy which is helping with these mental/emotional aspects of Aaron’s case.

Aaron’s mother, Aimee, is also sharing with us here her own experience with homeopathy. Her lifelong eczema is completely alleviated with her “constitutional” homeopathic remedy which she takes only a few times a year.

Dr. Sharif


Drainage/detox (using UNDA drops) and homeopathy together help a child cope with life.


Here Liam’s mother shares with us how Liam’s overall health has improved with the aid of biotherapeutic drainage/detox (i.e. UNDA drops) as well as his “constitutional” homeopathic remedy. She shares with us how wonderfully Liam initially responded to drainage/detox, and how his health has further improved since taking his constitutional homeopathic remedy, which he took months after he had been doing drainage/detox. (Note: The reason I didn’t give Liam his homeopathic remedy from the beginning of our relationship is that his behavioral pattern was not matching any specific constitution very easily until drainage/detox “cleared” some layers enabling me to see his constitution or personality profile.)

Dr. Sharif


Persistent vomiting of over six months duration stopped overnight with food allergy elimination.

Tyler used to vomit at least 6 times a day over a period of six months. He also suffers from a genetic condition called Beales syndrome. Under the supervision of his pediatrician, his parents had tried various cow’s milk formulas without success. I suggested that they stop feeding him milk all together, and instead put him on a pureed food diet. His vomiting stopped within 24 hours! This is a sad story with a happy ending. It illustrates how profoundly food can affect us, and how quickly our bodies can heal if we take out the culprit foods and/or drinks from our diets, and consume healthy foods (both solid and liquid). (Note: I have seen many patients whose various complaints have been significantly turned around with just increasing water consumption and reducing coffee/alcohol consumption, or increasing the consumption of healthy food and reducing junk food in their diet.)

Dr. Sharif

Carston and Drea

Homeopathy is highly effective in the treatment of common childhood maladies such as fears.

Carston’s chief complaint of “fears” was very nicely alleviated with his “constitutional” homeopathic remedy.

Drea’s complaints included intermittent abdominal pain for a few years prior to her visit to Whole Health Clinic, along with a persistent complaint of “bumpy, dry, and itchy skin”. Additionally, she used to suffer from hives several times a year. All of Drea’s complaints have been alleviated using her “constitutional” homeopathic remedy and a basic cleansing program.

Numerous warts cured with homeopathy within nearly 2 months

The numerous warts on this boy’s trunk were cured within 2 months by the administration of two consecutive doses of his “constitutional” homeopathic remedy, “Pulsatilla”. There was only one wart left uncured by the remedy. There are no viable conventional therapies for warts other than burning them off! Burning warts is not a cure as they often return. This boy’s warts have never returned within the last several years that I have known him. His hives were the result of his liver not being able to process the fish oil supplement he was consuming. Support to his liver function was ultimately what cured the hives.


Another wart video…


Homeopathy can be a very helpful therapy for treatment of autism.


Here Cuc is sharing with us how her autistic child, Helen, has been significantly helped on an emotional as well as physical level with her “constitutional” homeopathic remedy (i.e. Bufo) along with a basic supplement regiment to improve her digestion and elimination. Her cognition has not improved very much yet, but that is work in progress.


Homeopathic remedy turns the sad Winnie the Pooh into the happy Tigger within an hour…