Here are the reasons we have dedicated an entire section of this website to headaches of all types (including migraines):

1. Headaches are extremely common.

2. Headaches can be very debilitating in many ways (i.e. physically, emotionally, mentally and socially) for the sufferer.

3. At Whole Health Clinic, our success rate treating headaches is extremely high. Often, headaches, even very challenging cases, are completely alleviated within hours to days after starting the various therapies we recommend. Of course, there are some cases which may take a few months to be completely alleviated.

Following are patient testimonials that you may find interesting.




Six month long headache alleviated in less than 10 minutes with a homeopathic remedy, a few dollars versus $18,000 for conventional medical care…

Jeffery had suffered with a headache for six months, had all kinds of tests done on him, and tried various drugs and therapies (including conventional medical, chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage) without being able to get to the root cause of his headache and cure it. The pain medications he was taking prior to coming to our clinic would help with the headache (in fact, they were the only therapy that did provide any relief), but would compromise his ability to function, and did not address the reason why he was suffering from the headaches. The cumulative amount in bills he and his insurance company together had incurred up to the point when he saw me was nearly $18,000.

During his first visit, he took a dose of his constitutional homeopathic remedy, Pulsatilla, in the office which alleviated his headache within minutes. The pain was literally not present for nearly 3 weeks until he came down with a cold and soon after he took another dose of his remedy. The headache was alleviated again within minutes, similarly to the first time. He never had to take any more pain medications between his first and second visits.

Note that he typically does not thirst for water, and in my opinion, that is why he came down with a headache that was lasting for months. In other words, chronic dehydration was the root cause of his headache. (Refer to a blog I wrote on December 21, 2011 on dehydration.) In addition to alleviating the headache, taking the homeopathic remedy, Pulsatilla, which is his “constitutional” homeopathic remedy has also helped improve Jeffery’s thirst for water. Coincidentally, his craving for water was diminished with the acute cold, and along with this, the headache had returned. Redosing his remedy not only alleviated the headache before he left the office at his second visit, but I am sure will also improve his thirst as well.

It’s noteworthy that if he had started to drink more water after his first visit, even if he could have forced himself, which is very unlikely for a typical Pulsatilla person (they hate water, and cannot simply force themselves to drink more water), his headache would most likely not be alleviated very quickly, considering how long he had had it. It would take much longer than the few minutes that the homeopathic remedy took to take effect, not to mention that the remedy improved his thirst so that he did not have to “force” himself to start drinking more water.

To make matters more complicated and interesting, Jeffery moved his head (in all directions) constantly after taking his remedy for the first time in the office. I saw the continuous head movements for at least the latter part of his visit, over a period of 20-30 minutes. His neck had been sore for months which also was entirely alleviated with the remedy. There was also a lipoma (i.e. a fatty growth) over the area on the back of his neck where the pain had been. Homeopathic remedies stimulate the patient’s own innate self-healing. I believe whatever tissues (soft or bony ones) were out of balance in his neck, which coincidentally had not responded to chiropractic care, were being worked out of his body by the homeopathic remedy right before us, displayed by his sudden desire to move his head in all sorts of ways without any prompting, all within minutes of taking his remedy. In other words, the remedy was making his body move in ways that it needed to get straightened out again, on its own, without physical manipulation by another person, i.e. chiropractic, or verbal suggestions by me. I find this sort of self-healing work that happens with homeopathic remedies to be perhaps the most profound phenomenon I have ever witnessed in the world of medicine and healing. The best example I can share here is that if you cut yourself, how does your skin heal? The body knows how to heal itself, it just needs some support to do so, and homeopathy does just that- it offers support to the innate, self healing mechanisms buried deep within our being.

Finally, consider the cost difference between conventional medicine and homeopathy. Nearly $18,000 was spent on his care previously, compared to a few dollars that his homeopathic remedy costs. I believe homeopathy is a must if we truly are trying to improve our health care system.

Dr. Sharif

(Note: Each person has a homeopathic “constitution” which is based on his/her temperament/personality traits as well as physical characteristics. Additionally, catching an acute illness such as a cold or the flu in many cases renders a person’s constitutional homeopathic remedy ineffective.)


It’s such a relief to NOT have a headache …

Claudia used to have headaches most of her life, “at least 50% of the time”. Her headaches were alleviated within a couple of days after her initial visit and have not returned for the past three months. Her energy and mood have also improved, as they almost always do with homeopathic remedies.


Post concussion neurological symptoms reversed within minutes with a homeopathic remedy

Eric was suffering continuously for three months from a severe headache (10/10 severity) that developed after a car accident. The accident had resulted in a severe concussion with various neurological symptoms. He was also suffering from several other symptoms secondary to a previous concussion that occured nearly 20 years earlier. His numerous symptoms were significantly alleviated within minutes after taking his “constitutional” homeopathic remedy- Helleborus 200C. As you can see in his one and a half month follow up video, his headache and all of his neurological symptoms were completely alleviated within 24 hours after his first visit. They had not returned at the time of his one and half month follow up visit. He only had to take one dose of a homeopathic remedy during his initial visit, and no more. He did not have to take any other supplements or drugs of any type, just the one dose of a homeopathic remedy. (Note: Not everyone with a concussion benefits from the remedy Helleborus. Homeopathic remedies are carefully selected based on each patient’s unique set of symptoms.)


Migraine Headaches

Hi, my name is Helen Wang, I come from Bei Jing , China . i had migraine
headache since i was 18 years old. there are a lot of things can trigger my
headache, wheather, food, flu, pressure. i have seen a lot of dorcters, i
went to see mediclal Drs , they only spent five minutes for me and give me
some drugs . like Imitrex, it makes me feel sick that i had difficult
breath after i took it and it only stop pain for several hours. i even went
to emergency room in hospital one day because i had such a bad headache that
Imitrex can not stop it . i get acupuncture, that help me a lot , at least
i don’t need to take these drugs, but after a period of time my headache
come back again. i have seen Dr Sharum for 2 month. he is very patient , he
spent couple hours at my first visit . he asked very detail questions which
the medical Drs never do . at the beiging, my headache always active. Sharum
gave me a food alergy test , i have high alergy about wheat which i almost
eat every day. i stopped eating any wheat. he gave me some Undas to do the
drainage of my liver and kindey. i have dramatic improvment of my headache
and some other things since i have started my treatment , i don’t have any
migraine headache now , i can get good quality sleep which was impossible
before, i used to take a lot of sleeping pills . my mood is more steady now
, my boyfriend always complain that i had bad mood before. i have good
appetite and my pimples gone. i want to cure my headache, i think Dr Sharum
can help me.

Helen Wang
Bellevue, WA


Headaches and bouts of vomiting secondary to food allergies

I can not tell you how thankful we are after doing our 8 year old daughters allergy test and finding out what foods to avoid. It was amazing to me that as soon as we stopped the Wheat, dairy and eggs her symptoms vanished immediately. If you will recall she was having extremely bad headaches, and vomiting anywhere from 3 to 5 days a week. For three weeks now she has been free of these symptoms. Accidentally at a picnic she had some barbeque pork (we later found out had been prepared with soy sauce containing wheat). The next day she had a terrible headache. Thank you for helping us to uncover this and address it so she can feel good again.

Love and light


…Another example is my wife’s migraines. She is now in her late 40s and has been suffering from migraine headaches since her early 30s. Her doctors were unable to advise her as to how to prevent the headaches, they could only offer medications to short circuit the migraine at the first sign of one, or medications to ease the pain once one had occurred. These medications had many negative side effects. With Dr. Sharif’s guidance and knowledge, she has managed to stop the occurrence of these devastating headaches, mainly through eliminating certain foods and by making lifestyle changes.

Ray from Seattle