Naturopathic Detoxification and Biotherapeutic Drainage

At Whole Health Clinic, we offer various extensive naturopathic detoxification/cleansing programs.   These programs include specific lifestyle and dietary recommendations along with various targeted nutrients, herbs and homeopathic remedies tailored for your specific body type, taking all your medical conditions into consideration.   In addition to conventional North American naturopathic detoxification programs, Dr. Sharif also offers a European method of detoxification known as Biotherapeutic Drainage (read below).   NOTE: Detoxication/cleansing is just as much an art as it is science.   The wrong way of cleansing can cause side effects.  Dr. Sharif teaches classes on detoxification at various naturopathic schools in the US and Canada.  He strongly advises that patients to not start cleansing programs without the guidance of a health care practitioner who has expertise in this area.

For more information, see the pages below:

  1. Naturopathic Cleansing and Detoxification Protocols 
  2. Biotherapeutic Drainage