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At this point, homeopaths cannot claim that they have a verifiable cure/treatment OR a verifiable method of prevention for COVID-19. We still need more data and experience with this virus to come up with a definitive set of remedies. Furthermore, it is important to mention that no therapy, including homeopathy, is 100% effective in 100% of the cases.

Additionally, I strongly advise against self-treating with homeopathic remedies when dealing with a serious illness, including a pandemic outbreak. It can be extremely challenging to find the correct remedy without extensive knowledge and experience in homeopathy. Consulting with an experienced homeopath is invariably the best choice when deciding on a remedy.

One of the main reasons that homeopathy gained such spectacular popularity in the 19th century was the exceedingly great results that homeopathic patients experienced during the various epidemics/pandemics. These diseases that ravaged through the world during those years include influenza, pneumonia, cholera, yellow fever, scarlet fever, measles, typhoid, and typhus.

Resources on our website on epidemics/pandemics in general and COVID-19 in particular:
Refer to Dr. Sharif’s blogs on COVID-19 written on March 19 as well as his AANP (American Association of Naturopathic Physicians) convention talk on the subject of “homeopathic prevention and treatment of epidemics and pandemics”.

Homeopaths are helping the world with COVID-19:
I have been following numerous well-known homeopaths from around the world very closely over the last few months. And, it certainly appears that these doctors and homeopathic practitioners are seeing positive results with COVID-19 patients (be it patients who had tested positive for or were suspected to have COVID-19).

In homeopathy, we treat people, NOT conditions… We individualize remedies for people with the same disease:
There are numerous remedies that various homeopaths throughout the world have been offering lately as potentially helpful for managing the signs and symptoms of COVID-19. Homeopathy does not have any remedies for any specific condition (including COVID-19), per se! That is not how homeopathy works. Instead, we have remedies for people and the distinctive way in which they present the symptoms. THAT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to understand about homeopathy.

Furthermore, what is critical to note here is that in homeopathy, we always want to individualize the treatment, meaning find a remedy that matches the patient’s signs and symptoms entirely as opposed to settling with a generic remedy for everyone affected by the same illness.

The concept of Genus Epidemicus in homeopathy:
In each epidemic/pandemic outbreak, there are usually a few homeopathic remedies that seem to be effective in treating the condition at hand. These top remedy(ies) for the epidemic is(are) called the GE (Genus Epidemicus). In other words, the Genus Epidemicus may be one or a few different remedies. Based on my research, it looks like in each pandemic you could end up with one or a few remedies being the top remedy(ies) in one continent and possibly another remedy or a couple of remedies being the top remedy(ies) in another continent. This is important to remember. The GE is arrived at by consensus of practicing homeopaths worldwide. Stay tuned to learn what the final GE remedy (or remedies) for this pandemic may be.

We may need more than one remedy for managing any infection even in one person, AND remedies for a pandemic can change over time:
It’s noteworthy that sometimes in epidemic/pandemic, to recover from the illness fully, the patient might need more than one remedy. Additionally, just as notable is that the epidemic/pandemic itself evolves, and as it does so, the SAME disease might require different remedies throughout its course of evolution. And, finally, different parts of the world may require different remedies for the same outbreak.

The top homeopathic remedies for management of signs/symptoms of COVID-19 so far:
Note: As our understanding of the virus evolves, and as we learn more about which remedies are better suited for tackling COVID-19, our top choices for the remedies change also.

Even though we have not confirmed the Genus Epidemicus (i.e. top remedy or top few remedies) for COVID-19, the most prescribed/helpful remedies based on anecdotal evidence so far have been Bryonia, Gelsemium, Arsenicum album, and Phosphorus, listed mostly in order of priority. There are many more remedies that are presently under investigation.

NOTE: It’s not advisable to use these remedies randomly or to take them all in one mouthful, hoping for the right remedy to act! That is not how homeopathy works. Taking the wrong remedy or taking the indicated remedy the wrong way (i.e. too strong of a potency, too weak of a potency, too often or not often enough) could lead to undesirable outcomes & may be potentially harmful.

Homeopathic remedies for “prevention” of COVID-19?
There are NO verifiable homeopathic remedies at this point for prevention of COVID-19. This might change over time, however, as we learn more about this disease.

What to do at the onset of any acute respiratory symptoms?
It’s advisable to take one dose of Aconitum napellus (commonly known as Aconite) 30c at the very onset (during the first 12-24 hours) of ANY acute respiratory illness, followed immediately by a virtual visit with your homeopath to find the next step. This remedy can nip just about any respiratory illness in the bud. This recommendation might change over time. Therefore, keep up with our website (blogs and emails).

How to obtain homeopathic remedies?
Homeopathic remedies can be found at health food stores and natural food grocery stores. They are also available online from various homeopathic manufacturers, or even through Amazon. Note: Please only order one bottle of each- do not overstock. Consider others who may also need these remedies!

The necessity of a consultation (ideally over the internet or phone) with your homeopath:
YOU MUST HAVE A VISIT (IDEALLY A VIRTUAL VISIT) WITH YOUR HOMEOPATH IN ORDER TO IDENTIFY WHICH REMEDY IS BEST FOR YOU. THE BEST REMEDY CHOICE IS ONE THAT IS TAILORED TO YOUR SPECIFIC PRESENTATION. The selection process of the remedy is rather complicated, and I highly recommend against self-prescribing in this particular case.

Even in non-critical cases, the effects of this virus can be considerably damaging, and it is therefore strongly advised that those with symptoms resembling that of COVID-19 seek immediate professional homeopathic consultation. Please do NOT self-diagnose or self-treat even if you are familiar with basic homeopathic philosophy and prescribing.


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