PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and Emotional Trauma

Treating PTSD & emotional trauma is one of Dr. Sharif’s top areas of interest in his practice.

The following article, titled “Emotional Trauma: Shifting the Focus of Treatment”, authored by Dr. Sharif, was published in the April of 2022 edition of NDNR (Naturopathic Doctor News & Review). This article highlights Dr. Sharif’s top recommended mind-body therapeutics including homeopathy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Meridian Tapping, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) for treating PTSD, panic attacks and emotional trauma.


Here is another article by a conventional physician, Dr. Larry Malerba, D.O., about how a veteran with PTSD gets help from homeopathy:


According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the following statistics are based on the U.S. population:
• About 7 or 8 out of every 100 people (or 7-8% of the population) will have PTSD at some point in their lives.
• About 8 million adults have PTSD during a given year. This is only a small portion of those who have gone through a trauma.
• About 10 of every 100 women (or 10%) develop PTSD sometime in their lives compared with about 4 of every 100 men (or 4%).


Read the following testimonials by a few of Dr. Sharif’s patients who used to suffer from PTSD but are now living PTSD-free lives. These patients are only a few of the countless number of PTSD patients successfully treated at Whole Health Clinic. Several of these patients are veterans who were, unfortunately, suffering from the negative effects of severe emotional trauma, secondary to combat, assault & violent attacks. With no exception so far, these patients have all benefitted greatly from homeopathic care for their PTSD. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is an adjunct therapy to homeopathy at our clinic, which is also definitely helpful for addressing some of the various aspects of emotional trauma that homeopathy may not be able to fully address. You can learn more about EFT and view some patient testimonial videos for this wonderful hands-on therapy on the following page on our website:


NOTE: Unfortunately, 16.8 US Vets commit suicide daily!

I had been home from Iraq for almost two years and when I thought I should be happy to be home, stateside, I was yearning to be back in the battle. My three jobs in those two years didn’t work out and I had just lost my 4th dream job as a flight attendant for United Airlines. I got a call to take a trip to Kuwait, and as I stepped up to the gate and saw all the middle eastern passengers, I had my first panic attack. I decided then I needed to seek help.

For the next nine years, I tried everything. Inpatient, pharmacology (meds), alcohol (which seemed to self-medicate the most effectively at the time. In 2016 I met a group through my church called, “Q MISSIONS” and they did missions for veterans called, “Operation Restore Hope”, this was my experience that inspired me to put the drinks down and begin my healing through serving others.

I was still operating at a 7/10 on the PTSD anxiety scaled, which to me was an improvement from my 9/10 or 10/10 but I was working with a good counselor and making small steps forward. Until the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving in 2019 when the founder’s wife of Q Missions referred me to Dr. Sharif. I was on the verge of checking myself into the ER when she told me to give him a try first. Because of Dr. Sharif’s passion for veterans, he stayed late that night before thanksgiving to see me.

I was so skeptical because I had tried EVERYTHING else; yoga, mindfulness, every medication on the books, counseling, group counseling, you name it, I tried it. So of course, homeopathy? Right. But I went, because it was a huge sacrifice for a doctor to stay late for me on the night before Thanksgiving!

We talked, he shared his passion in working with veterans and PTSD victims with me, and I left his office after 3 doses of the remedy he prescribed feeling better than I had in 13 years of living with my PTSD. I have been taking the remedy as prescribed for almost two years now and it has drastically changed my life. I no longer must wear $300 noise cancelling headphones to church anymore because of the drums. I am more involved in my kids’ lives and have not had one suicide ideology moment. I am forever thankful.

Jessica, 2021


I have been suffering from PTSD and Complex PTSD since I was a child. I started counseling and therapy when I was 15. I’ve had 30 years of therapy for these and the depression and anxiety they caused. I’ve been on a few different medications to try to control all of it. It was an incredible amount of work to address my traumas so that I could function somewhat normally in society. After 30 years of medications and therapy, the trauma was still effecting me. Not quite as badly, but still able to be activated and bring on panic attacks.

After taking a homeopathic medicine prescribed to me by Dr Sharif for 6 weeks (once a week) and having 2 therapeutic EFT or “tapping” sessions with him, I think the PTSD and C-PTSD are either completely gone or under better control than I’ve ever experienced. For the first time that I can remember my jaw doesn’t ache from clenching my teeth. My shoulders are actually relaxed. My hypervigilence is gone. I’ve even tried to trigger myself unsuccessfully. My memories of my trauma events are still there, they’re just not devastating anymore.
I wish I had known about this treatment option sooner. I had no idea that this level of relief was possible.


In October of last year I came to Dr. Sharif’s office after experiencing PTSD due to the death of my brother. I began to search for my brother, talk to his corpse in his coffin in my dreams and finally expecting him to visit me at my home in Washington. The irony of expecting a visit aside from his passing is that my brother who lived in Texas never visited me while he was alive.

Working with Dr. Sharif was amazing!

I felt instant relief and my anxieties lessen after the first remedy dosage.

How timely it was as following my experience my brother’s only son was murdered, my sister passed from Covid-19 pneumonia, her son passed away from Lupus and my father passed away from Covid-19 complications all within 9 months!

Without the remedy I fear I would have completely fallen apart not to mention aggravate not only the anxiety but I was diagnosed with clinical depression over 15 years ago and I’m also having great success with that under the care of Dr, Sharif.

Our work together has been ongoing for the past 15+ years and for that I am ever grateful!

Deborah R


My name is Theresa Rubadue, I am 52 years old, and I have suffered
from PTSD for most of my life. My Complex PTSD started due to years
of childhood sexual abuse by my biological grandfather and my
stepbrother. I spent most of my life living with the symptoms of PTSD
without really understanding what was happening and why. I felt like I
was just making it all up and being weak. I suffered from severe
depression and anxiety, as well as all the physical symptoms that go
along with those ailments, as well as PTSD. Heart palpitations so hard
that I could feel it in my feet, my legs, my head and my chest. It went on
and on, feeling like it would never stop. The beating was so hard that
most nights I laid awake in bed unable to sleep, which added to all of my
issues. Blacking out , headaches, fatigue and exhaustion, my body
shaking uncontrollably.
A little over a year ago I hit a breaking point with my PTSD and didn’t
think I wanted to live- or at least not live with all of the flashbacks and
physical issues that those flashbacks triggered. That’s when my
therapist told me that Dr. Sharif had been helping people successfully
overcome these physical symptoms with homeopathic treatments. It’s
not that I was skeptical that Dr. Sharif hadn’t helped others overcome
their PTSD issues, I was skeptical that I was capable of being helped. I
also thought that tin order to be free of those symptoms, I had to
overcome the mental and emotional parts of my trauma first. I had it all
wrong. The treatment that Dr. Sharif gave me worked almost
immediately at calming my heart palpitations and the feeling of panic
that I had walked around with each day. Little did I know that having my
body free of those symptoms actually helped me overcome and move
forward faster. When my body wasn’t responding in panic mode, I was
able to process my thoughts quicker and easier, and understand what
was happening instead of just feeling fight or flight. I took the
homeopathic remedy about 3 or 4 times in total over period of about a
month and a half- each time I needed it again was after some intense
trauma therapy or some traumatic trigger.
I cannot thank Dr. Sharif enough for the monumental gift given to me
through that treatment and his care. The homeopathic remedy and a lot
of intense therapy has left me in a healthy and happy place that I never
thought I would experience in my life time.



During the month of August of 2019, I experienced serious emotional trauma which led to chronic PTSD. The trauma was initiated by fears that left me overwhelmed. The effects left me completely emotionally shutdown, in a state of constant panic attacks. I felt stuck in my head and mentally out of control. I tried receiving psychological counseling which only compounded my issues. I kept “trying to shut off these feelings with a light switch” which I could never find.

Within a month I was deteriorating mentally, filled with a myriad of negative thoughts. I did not feel well physically either. I remember I hardly had any appetite to eat. I never wanted to try chemical meds such as antidepressants out of fear of the side effects. That’s when I found Dr. Sharif.

Upon our first appointment, Dr. Sharif let me know that I wasn’t alone, and he showed me that my healing was a process and that with properly prescribed natural therapies I would gradually regain my health over time.

He discovered what my “constitutional” homeopathic remedy was – Pulsatilla. He pointed out to me however that, due to my deteriorated state, I first needed to use another remedy specifically for my particular version of PTSD to elevate me as soon as possible.

The remedy for PTSD worked amazingly well! Within a week, I felt positive results. And within a month I felt lifted out of despair. I then stopped taking the PTSD remedy, and started using my own constitutional homeopathic remedy (i.e. Pulsatilla) on a weekly basis as needed. Since then, I have continued to use this remedy whenever I feel emotionally overwhelmed.

Anyone struggling with trauma/PTSD my prayer is with you! Please consider this very natural and effective remedy to trauma.





Three months after seeing my close friend fall in a tragic climbing accident near Mt Rainier and not being able to revive him, I began to understand that I was suffering from PTSD. I saw a traditional counselor several times but that didn’t seem to help.
On my first visit to Dr Sharif, he listened carefully and assessed my condition. He did a tapping treatment and gave me a remedy on that first visit. That was the beginning of my healing. I remember as I left his office feeling like a cloud had lifted, like it was the first day of a vacation. I had hope. I took the prescribed remedy 2-3 more times over the next 2 months when I felt I needed it. I don’t know where I would be mentally and emotionally today without this jumpstart to my healing from PTSD. – Brian


According to an article written by Dr. Daniel Amen, MD (A clinical neuroscientist and psychiatrist), the next wave of the pandemic is PTSD. Refer to Dr. Sharif’s article in the NDNR journal for more information on the subject.