Neurological & Psychological Conditions

The following videos are compilation of a number of actual patient videos at Whole Health Clinic who suffered from various neurological as well as psychological conditions prior to their visit to Dr. Sharif. The neurological conditions covered below include headache, post concussion symptoms, stroke symptoms, brain fog, acute and chronic pain conditions of various kinds including fibromyalgia, broken bones, or even joint pain. The psychological/psychiatric conditions covered below include autism, anxiety, depression, fears, phobias, and workaholic tendencies.

Getting and caring for a pet can help boost a person’s mood, and potentially prevent a person from committing suicide…

Our 15-year-old daughter had been struggling with depression for an entire year. She had began cutting and lying and hiding things from us. We felt desperate to help her to enjoy life again. In addition to homeopathy we decided to get a puppy.
Our new puppy has brought so much love and excitement into our home, everyone feels so much joy watching him you can’t help but be happy being around a puppy. Having the opportunity to care for something else and receive such unconditional love back has been such a healing process for our daughter. She looks forward to seeing him every morning when she wakes up, he give her a reason to get up in the morning. As her mom it has been such a joy for me to see her excited about life again and I’m so blessed that we have been able to help her with homeopathy and our new little puppy. I hope this helps someone out there who might have the same situation, to think outside the box and consider bringing a puppy into your home.