Natural Medicine for the Whole Family

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Whole Health Clinic is a full service naturopathic health clinic. We treat acute and chronic conditions of all kinds, specializing in digestive disorders and psychological/psychiatric problems. In addition, we strongly advocate and offer preventive medicine as well as total wellness protocols.

Our naturopathic services include lifestyle and dietary counseling, homeopathy, biotherapeutic drainage or detoxification/cleansing, nutritional supplements, herbal medicine, trigger point/neural therapy injections and therapeutic ultrasound for treatment of acute as well as chronic pain.

We presently accept new patients at our office as well as over Skype or by phone.

A Whole Health Clinic patient talks about her journey towards health

Numerous warts cured with homeopathy within nearly 2 months

Six month long headache cured in less than 10 minutes

Homeopathy is Transformative

Mary loves UNDA numbers for improving her kidney and liver function...

UNDAs can help alleviate severe menstrual cramps...

Biotherapeutic drainage/detoxification is often what is missing in a person's treatment plan...

Rebecca lost 220 pounds and reversed her diabetes

EFT can truely curb food cravings

Homeopathic injections can provide wonderful relief from pain even if the pain is chronic...

1-2 years of fatigue, constipation and poor appetite completely turned around in one week

Chronic and painfully dry skin successfully treated within two weeks

Biotherapeutic Drainage (using UNDA numbers) corrects organ function in animals as well as humans.

For more patient testimonials, visit the Patient Videos page.