Considering the negative side effects of coffee, majority of naturopathic physicians recommend either avoiding or significantly reducing the amount of coffee you drink. The following are videos of various patients who share how they were able to get off of coffee, and what they are drinking instead.

How will you know how you will feel without coffee unless you try it?

Get an Earl Gray latte instead of a regular latte at Starbucks…

Susan feels much better ever since she stopped drinking coffee. Most people drink coffee for its immediate pick-me-up attribute. However, in the long run coffee can actually make you feel more fatigued!

EFT helps eliminate craving for coffee


After a lifetime of being a coffee drinker, Kristina¬ís craving for coffee stopped all together (for at least a few months) after only one session of EFT. Of course, she might need a repeat EFT session every few months to keep her craving for coffee under control. (To learn more about EFT or “tapping”, please do a search on EFT on this website.)

I wanted to let you know that it was very good advice you gave me to stop drinking coffee. After 3-1/2 months of sleeping in that damned uncomfortable recliner chair, I’ve been able to go back to sleeping in my bed again. What a relief!!! And I think stopping coffee may be one of the biggest reasons. Stress at work has also subsided, which has helped, but even before that it seems like not drinking coffee was helping my stomach a lot. I always thought it was mainly the caffeine in coffee that was the bad thing but I didn’t feel I could stop it and be able to stay awake enough to do my job. But now that I’ve been drinking Yerba Mate, I feel much much better. I’ve also been drinking those detox teas with dandelion root daily which must help too. So for now, I’m doing fine.