Patient testimonials for acute Covid-19, long-Covid, and Covid-19 vaccine side effects

DISCLAIMER: At this point, homeopaths cannot claim that they have a cure/treatment OR a verifiable method of prevention for COVID-19. It’s imperative to realize that homeopathy does not have any remedies for any specific conditions (including COVID-19) per se. In homeopathy, we treat people, not diseases. Regardless of the name of the disease, based on the person’s unique set of signs/symptoms, we find a remedy that best matches the case. Lastly, it is important to mention to the patient that no therapy, including homeopathy, is 100% effective in 100% of the cases.

A testimonial from a long-Covid (or post-Covid) patient:

Dear Dr. Sharif,

On August 1st, 2022, I scheduled an appointment with you because I was feeling dizzy, extremely fatigued, and also had much brain fog. My symptoms began seven days prior to my appointment with you. The first thing I checked for before finally scheduling an appointment with you, was to do a Covid test which was negative, thank goodness. Then I went to the fire station to have my vitals checked and all of my results came back normal. After all of that, I decided to schedule an appointment with you to get some answers.
Your staff was able to schedule me that evening even though I didn’t have the energy to head to Kent. My symptoms were so intense that it literally took all that I had to get in my car and drive north. I was struggling to navigate to your office with how terrible I was feeling and lack of energy.
Thankfully after explaining all of my symptoms, you talked to me about how I might be suffering from long Covid (or Post Covid), and how I could have contracted Covid days prior to my visit with you despite of a negative Covid test result.  I was feeling mentally out-of-it, droopy, and dizzy.  You offered me a remedy in the office.  Within minutes I could feel my mood changing for the better. I wasn’t feeling so groggy and in a fog. You also noticed that my color changed and I appeared healthier.  You gave me another dose of the remedy minutes after the first dose, and I then I felt like myself before I even left the office.   The dumb and droopy sensations faded away by the next day. Thank goodness too because I have two boys I need to keep up with. The dizziness part lasted the longest, but each day it seemed to get better and not last as long. By the fourth day it was very minimal and didn’t bother me. Then before I knew it all my symptoms were gone and I was finally feeling back to my normal self.
I can’t thank you and your staff enough for taking such great care of me and getting to the root of my health issues.  It’s obvious you care about your patients.
Amanda J.


An important recent review by a patient who handled the 2nd shot of the Covid-19 vaccine MUCH BETTER with the aid of natural therapies versus the 1st shot for which she was unprepared:

I don’t typically prefer to take any allopathic medicines, and had concerns about the new form of vaccines being used for Covid-19. Still, I made the choice to be vaccinated for Covid.

After my initial Pfizer shot, my arm was so sore for 2-3 days that I could hardly lift it. I also felt intermittent discomfort around my heart area that persisted for weeks. It took a few months for me to get a heart evaluation – which ultimately came out fine. In the meantime, I was very concerned about getting the 2nd dose. I consulted Dr. Sharif to see what I could do with homeopathic remedies to support my system around vaccination. Dr. Sharif advised me on some general self-care measures with diet and rest, as well as a couple of homeopathic remedies to use pre– and post–vaccination. I was also given supplements that were specific to my health status.

My experience between the first and second dose of the Pfizer vaccine was night and day! My arm had only a slight soreness, and I felt fairly normal in the following days. The only symptom I noticed was intermittent fatigue that lasted a day or so, which did not interfere with my normal activities.

Based on my experience, I would definitely recommend a consultation with Dr. Sharif .

M. Galvin

A review by a patient who had been experiencing side effects from the 2nd dose of the Pfizer vaccine…

I’m writing to share my experience with using homeopathic treatment to help with side affects from the 2nd dose of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine.
Within a few hours of receiving the vaccine, I started experiencing sorness/pain at the injection site, headache, nausea, fatigue and diarrhea. As time went on, those symptoms started gradually getting worse.
I had recalled reading something Dr. Sharif sent out a while back letting his patients know how homeopathic remedies could help in treatment of covid symptoms as well as side affects from the vaccine.
I reached out to him and started taking a remedy that morning. By evening, my symptoms had noticeable lessened. By day two, only 2 symptoms remained but they were minor compared to when I started. By day 3, all symptoms resolved.
I know there isn’t much out there letting people know there are treatment options available to them if they were to get covid or the vaccine.
I had both and and used homeopathic treatment in both cases. I’m grateful for Dr. Sharif and his knowledge in homeopathic medicine.

Severe headache and other odd neurological symptoms secondary to the 2nd Pfizer vaccine were completely relieved with natural medicines.

I hope this “experience” can be helpful to someone.
I am extremely allergic to various foods and the environment. For this reason, I was apprehensive to take the Covid vaccine for possible severe side effects.
After many months of considering the benefits vs. consequences, I decided to take the Covid Vaccine.
I had the Covid-19 Pfizer vaccine. I had severe side effects to the vaccine on my second vaccination. These were:
The injection site was extremely, painful, swollen and with burning sensation. I took a natural remedy on my own as needed and the pain was reduced 95%.
I had a throbbing headache with a strange sensation as if my brain/cranium was on fire, as if melting. Also, I was experiencing a sensation of floating and dizziness.
I decided to contact Dr. Sharif and asked him to help me with this unbearable situation.
After consulting with Dr. Sharif, I took a homeopathic remedy based on his recommendation. My headache was reduced significantly, over 90% in approximately half an hour. The “melting/on fire” sensation in my brain also improved a lot, 90%. Only symptom remaining afterwards was a slight soreness in the sides of the frontal area of the skull. The feeling of being ungrounded and floating was slightly improved too.
After continuing for a few days with the recommended remedy, my headache and “melting/on fire” brain symptom were both completely resolved. The feeling of being ungrounded as if floating was completely resolved after a couple of more days.
Thanks to Dr. Sharif’s effective homeopathic care, I was able to promptly recover from the severe side effects of the Covid vaccine.


A testimonial from a Covid-19 patient with various common symptoms of Covid

Note: This patient is the same patient as the one listed immediately above this review.  However, the writing below was done by EPO’s husband- MAO.

Recently, my wife Evelyne experienced, what we assumed, was a severe case of a cold/flu/allergies. She was extremely tired, had a persistent dry cough and at one point had chills, a headache, dizziness, shaking and some psychological symptoms. After a few days of not getting better, I tested her for COVID using a rapid test. She tested positive and we immediately requested a virtual visit with Dr. Sharif. Even though it was Monday morning, Dr. Sharif promptly made time in his schedule to have a virtual visit with my wife in the afternoon. His office emailed a very detailed and comprehensive questionnaire and requested to be filled and returned prior to the virtual visit.  Dr. Sharif was able to quickly and effectively, assess my wife’s condition by reviewing the answers to the questionnaire and then having a detailed discussion with my wife about her COVID symptoms.

Dr. Sharif shared with us that one homeopathic remedy matched my wife’s characteristic symptoms.  He did warn us that there were NO known specific remedies or treatments for Covid, but that the remedy he was thinking of would potentially help my wife’s symptoms.  My wife had significant improvements in regard to most of her symptoms after a day of taking the remedy.  She took it for a few more days with slight symptom improvements each day. We continued providing daily updates, via email, to Dr. Sharif and he provided comments and/or recommendations daily as well. As the symptoms/characteristics of my wife were changing after a few days, Dr. Sharif recommended another remedy, then eventually to yet a third remedy.   After several days, my wife’s symptoms had resolved, and she tested negative for COVID.

My wife and I are extremely grateful for having a very gifted and caring homeopathic doctor in Dr. Sharif. He has helped us many times and in many (physical, mental and emotional) ways through the years.


A testimonial from a patient with LONG-Covid or POST-Covid who “got his life back” with natural medicines

Generally I do not write testimony for anyone. However, I decided to write one for Dr. Sharif simply to share my experience about long-Covid and how Dr. Sharif was able to help me literally get my life back with the various natural therapies he offered me. Hopefully this testimony will be helpful for those people who are suffering from long-Covid or post Covid signs and symptoms. Remember you are not alone if you are dealing with long-Covid.

I tested positive for Covid-19 last week of April 2021. While recovering from Covid, my symptoms included fever, loss of smell and some fatigue. My Covid symptoms were not severe, and I managed OK for the most part. However the “Post Covid” symptoms were extremely severe. The post Covid symptoms are very difficult to trace and treat. Here is a list of my post-Covid signs and symptoms:

Post covid symptoms (May 2021 – June 2021)
1. Shingles
2. Extreme cough
3. Extreme Indigestion
4. High blood pressure

Post covid symptoms (July 2021 – September 2021)
1. Gas/ Acidity / bloating / High frequency noise through ear
2. Dizziness / Feeling of getting fainted / Feeling fearful / sweats in hand and feet.
3. Not feeling fresh / lack of energy
4. Left hand / left shoulder / left back pain – muscle heat up , tingling
5. Cannot able to sit more than 25 mins.
6. Sleep disorder
7. Feeling hot air / cold air passing through chest.
8. Weight loss – almost 14 pounds

Treatment from Dr. Sharif was received 28th July 2021 – August 30th 2021, a few months AFTER I had already contracted Covid-19.

I went through traditional allopathic doctors but unfortunately my symptoms were not helped. One of my colleagues recommended me to Dr. Sharif and from literally that day onward I started feeling better day by day.

Dr. Sharif is a gifted doctor. He changed the trajectory of my recovery for the better, day by day. He offered me lots of hope which also helped. He heard all my concerns and issues. Dr. Sharif’s diagnostic skills are excellent. He asked me lot of questions and he was able to narrow the choices among a variety of remedies down to a perfect remedy every single time we had a visit. I was in constant communication with Dr. Sharif. If there was any issue with any of the symptoms, he would promptly provide me guidance and would change my course of action accordingly.

My first appointment with him was last week of July 2021 and today, first week of September 2021, I feel I am almost 95% better. To be honest Dr. Sharif gave me my life back with his various natural therapies. I cannot thank him enough for his work for treating me and all of his patients with so much care, diligence and positivity.

I will strongly recommend Dr. Sharif to anyone out there who is struggling with any acute diseases, including acute respiratory illnesses. I hope more people will benefit from Dr. Sharif’s care.


Another testimonial from a patient with LONG-Covid or POST-Covid

I have been seen Dr. Sharum Sharif for the last several months with my long Covid symptoms. I had Covid last October of 2020. I was acutely ill for a entire month, and then was left with various residual- what they call long-Covid. I had been suffering greatly and been praying to God for healing. My issues were: fatigue, shortness of breath, pain in legs (difficulties walking upstairs), extreme coldness, and sensation of pressure in my teeth in the right side of my mouth. After my first visit with Dr. Sharif, I felt some improvements. The doctor prescribed a remedy for me which I took for a while. Slowly but surely I felt better and better. Thank God my health is nearly back to how it was before I got Covid. Also thanks to Dr. Sharif for listening to me and helping me recover from my illness.

Additionally, my daughter-in law got sick with Covid. She had a virtual visit with Dr. Sharif. She felt better nicely day by day.

I appreciate Dr. Sharif for all his knowledge and the willingness to help people in need, especially during these difficult times.


Thank you Dr. Sharif, and may God bless you!

A testimonial from a patient with LONG-Covid

I had Covid from December 21 into January 22 according to at home rapid antigen tests. However I never fully recovered in months to follow. My shortness of breath and congestion made it difficult for me to do everyday tasks. I came to Dr. Sharif after no progress or help from PCP. I tried the lower respiratory support tincture first, and noticed it only gave temporary relief. On top of the terrible taste I stopped the tincture to compare it to a homeopathic remedy he had prescribed for me. Although this remedy provided instant relief, to my surprise, it also provided long lasting relief as well. It cleared my airways, it helped my breathing in general, and it lowered my fatigue altogether. In addition, it helped with regulation of my menstrual cycle and hormonal imbalance which in return lessened the intensity of my mood swings. After a month of taking it, I now have no shortness of breath and no more congestion. Now I take my “constitutional homeopathic remedy” (which supposedly matches my whole makeup or body type) regularly to aid with my on-going chronic struggles including insomnia, anxiety, joint pain and low energy which have drastically improved since taking this remedy. This remedy has overall improved the quality of my life.


A testimonial from a patient with LONG-Covid – A puzzling case of LEFT-sided disability likely due to Covid-19. Patient recovered use of left leg within a month after homeopathic care.

In early 2020, I started tripping and falling, walking was painful. Also, I had extreme muscle spasms. Later I developed great swelling of my ankles, leg and thigh on my LEFT side. I went to see a doctor for the leg problem thinking it was associated with my scoliosis. I was seen by a Neurosurgeon and his assistant and an Ambulatory Doctor. They referred me to a Neurologist. They checked my reflexes, and ordered X-rays, an MRI and blood tests. Based on their diagnostic tests and overall evaluation, they determined that I was healthy and did not need medication or surgery. They were puzzled as to why I was having these problems since all the tests were normal. That is when I knew I needed some Naturopathic help. My daughter referred me to doctor Sharif. During my first visit with him on Nov 15, 2021, based on my symptoms (pain and swelling in my left lower extremity), Dr. Sharif suspected that I might be suffering from long-Covid even though I did not recall catching Covid. He mentioned to me that he had seen left-sided symptoms with a large number of his long-Covid patients. My MD never considered long-Covid as a possibility, or at least did not mention anything about it. Dr. Sharif prescribed a homeopathic remedy (Bryonia) based on my specific symptoms, not my “diagnosis”. Within one week, there was improvement. Within two weeks I could do some walking with a cane. Within a month, I no longer absolutely needed a cane to walk, and could walk for short distances without a cane. Within a few months (in April), all the swelling and pain was gone, and I could confidently walk outside without even a cane!


A testimonial from a patient who developed severe sinusitis after the Covid-19 vaccine

About a month after receiving my Covid shot, I started experiencing allergy-like symptoms including intense sinus pressure and congestion. Prior to getting the shot I had not experienced allergy symptoms for over 5 years. The intense, almost unbearable, sinus pressure and congestion caused me to seek over-the-counter medications but they only suppressed the condition temporarily – symptoms would return within days of not using the medications. This continued for 6 months until I sought Dr. Sharif’s assistance.

Dr. Sharif prescribed a homeopathic remedy called Thuja and administered a dose in his office. Within 30 minutes I was able to breathe through my left nostril, something I had not been able to do for months. The next day, after another dose I felt my body get hot/sweaty and I experienced sinus and congestion which lasted for a couple of days but then stopped.

Ever since taking the remedy Thuja for over a month, I have not had allergies with sinus pressure or congestion. Due to the fact that I’m able to breathe through my nostrils, my sense of smell has been improving and I’m having better sleep.

Thank you Dr. Sharif,

A testimonial from a Covid-19 patient who had serious concerns due to significant past medical history

I am writing to let you know what a difference Dr, Sharif made in my covid recovery. This year was a rough one for me. I contracted a serious non covid virus that left my health and immune system very compromised. Once Covid caught me, I was afraid of the negative impacts it would have on my recovery. My Medial doctor was very concerned and wanted to put me on an antiviral. I was hesitant to take the anti-viral due to possible side effects. I picked it up and planned to take it if my symptoms worsened. I had the variant where I lost my sense of taste and smell, had a 102 temp and horrific congestion. I contacted Dr. Sharif and set up a telehealth appointment. After the examination and a series of questions, Dr. Sharif suggested a remedy. He said if it didn’t work to contact him immediately. It didn’t work, and I contacted him ASAP. The second remedy he suggested was amazing! My head congestion lessoned within 60 seconds. Dr. Sharif wanted check-ins multiple times a day. He would monitor progress, symptoms and make necessary adjustments to remedies if needed. Midway through my illness, we had to switch remedies due to a nasty cough. It wasn’t long until I was feeling back to normal.
My husband had Covid too, but entirely different symptoms. Dr. Sharif definitely helped me and my husband navigate this illness with very positive results.
We are both very grateful for his expert knowledge and care.


Amy A.

A testimonial from a Covid-19 patient with chief complaints of a severe dry cough followed by sinusitis

To Whom It may Concern,
I came down with a strong case of covid.
My sinuses were completely blocked, and I had a painful chest cough.
I felt absolutely miserable with no energy and without the ability to breathe through my nose.
Dr Sharif prescribed Bryonia 200 c which had me feeling considerably better in 3 days.
After about 5-6 days he switched me to Antimonium tartaricum 30c which completely wiped out the cough and healed me completely. I was completely healed in 7-8 days!

Thank you so much Dr. Sharif!!!

Josh H.

Gary Long – A detailed long-Covid case history

The following writing is a detailed report written by Gary’s wife, Lydia, on Gary’s Covid-19 story before & after homeopathic care:

Gary is a 73-year-old male with asymptomatic COPD who tested positive for Covid-19 on October 5, 2021. Typically, his colds or lung irritation from poor air quality have turned into non-hospitalized pneumonia. On October 19th, Gary’s covid symptoms had subsided and he tested negative for covid at home. However, his oxygen saturation was not improving with an intermittent low of 80%. At that time, Gary’s wife took him for what she thought would just be supplemental oxygen treatment at respiratory clinic where he and wife were mostly concerned about confusion, fatigue and non-productive cough.

After walking a block and a half from the respiratory clinic, Gary was admitted to the ED with oxygen saturation of 90%. “Patient mental status was odd and appeared much like a frontotemporal dementia” with “no shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell or fevers.” He was treated in the ED with remdesivir and dexamethasone. Chest x-ray showed “faint opacities in the periphery which may have reflected atelectasis or developing infection. No pleural effusion or pneumothorax was noted.” Tested positive for covid with PCR test. Head CT scan and MRI showed nothing remarkable.

Next day, October 20th, Gary was transferred to a local hospital under “guarded condition” where he remained for 10 days with a diagnosis of Covid pneumonia. He was started on IV dexamethasone. After 3 days he was transitioned to high dose steroids and started on ceftriazone. He showed mild expiratory wheezes at left posterior lower lung field. Patient and wife refused remdesivir treatment.

His condition continued to deteriorate until he was discharged on October 29th. A Federal or State Waiver was used related to the Covid-19 emergency to ensure acute beds are available for anticipated surge. Gary’s condition at discharge was much worse than at admission.

He was sent home with supplemental oxygen and a prednisone prescription to wean him off the steroids administered in the hospital. At discharge, Gary was unable to walk, was emotionally non-responsive, completely incontinent, unable to feed himself or perform any activities of daily living. He could respond in single-word answers but not initiate conversation or express wants or desires. He had no appetite and had lost over 20 pounds in the hospital. Hallucinations were a struggle.

A little progress was made after returning home and after weaning off steroids, but improvement was very slow and inconsistent. Gary was still on 2-4 L of oxygen and still coughing. Appetite was poor, temperature and blood pressure were normal. His first post-covid appointment with Dr. Sharif was on November 16th. By then, he was completely weaned off steroids and was taking no prescription medications. Gary had fearful delusions and acute anxiety the entire drive to Dr. Sharif’s office. The attack was so intense that the trip was almost aborted. His cough had not improved.

Dr. Sharif gave Gary several doses of Pulsatilla soon after arriving. (Previously, it had been determined that Gary’s personality remedy was pulsatilla.) The difference was amazing! The anxiety and hallucinations ceased immediately and some of Gary’s personality returned. Although he was not able to interact at his normal level, his ability to communicate was instantly improved.

The delusions began returning upon leaving Dr. Sharif’s office. I reminded him it was a delusion and it stopped. He heard a motorcycle go by and 10 minutes later asked me if I’d heard it. (First sign of short-term memory returning.) Dr. Sharif prescribed Bryonia 30c hourly starting at 4:15 pm.

Gary was very tired and immediately went to bed when we came home. Several hours later he woke up and said, “I want to talk about our visit with Dr. Sharif.” (Second sign of memory returning.)

There was a profound difference in his countenance after just one dose of Pulsatilla and a few doses of Bryonia. The delusions were less frequent and the outbursts of anger much less often. He was still sleeping most of the day and had very low stamina. Fatigue seems to trigger the delusions. Dr. Sharif reviewed lab tests from the hospital.

Bryonia 30c was continued every four hours around the clock for several days. The coughing seemed to improve somewhat, but there was no change in fatigue or lack of appetite. Cognition wasn’t progressing. On November 21st after four days of Bryonia, Gary developed a 101.5 fever with postnasal drip.

Dr. Sharif changed his remedy back to Pulsatilla 30c hourly for a few hours and dropped the Bryonia. Dr. Sharif thought that perhaps the Bryonia was bringing out the sinus symptoms as part of the Covid healing process. Continued with the Pulsatilla 30c every three hours. The fever went down to 99.5 but oxygen saturation was fluctuating even with supplemental oxygen. Skin dryness on feet and legs worsened.

Gary’s condition was very confusing. One day he would seem to be improving, the next day declining. His cognitive function and memory started to improve as did his motor skills. He was staying awake longer every day even with the fever.

Dr. Sharif decided to forego both Bryonia and Pulsatilla to observe any changes and access next course of action.

The next day was Thanksgiving. Fever had returned and Gary’s behavior was irrational. He stood up from the dining room table, pulled down his pants, and defecated in the middle of the dining room floor. Shortly after, he was taken to urgent care for lung x-rays. A comparison of the discharge x-rays showed pneumonia at the same level three weeks later! It was presumed the pneumonia he entered the hospital with, had been treated and eradicated prior to discharge. There had been no mention of any needed follow-up treatment.

Dr. Sharif immediately changed Gary’s remedy to Antimonium Tartaricum 200c every half hour for 3 hours, then every hour for three hours for a total of six hours, then every two hours around the clock. Initially, it was difficult to tell if Antimonium Tartaricum 200c was having an impact on Gary’s condition. Cough before and after two more doses was the same or maybe a little worse. His heart rate elevated and O2 saturation was plummeting to mid 70’s after any exertion – no change. Fever was staying at around 100 degrees.

Things started changing after the fourth dose of Antimonium Tartaricum 200c. The fever broke and there was a steady, seemingly miraculous improvement in all of Gary’s conditions. The dosage remained the same for a few days and was gradually decreased to every three hours, then every four hours, every three hours, transitioned to Antimonium Tartaricum 30c every three hours, then four, then six hours by December 5th.

By December 5th there was no noticeable coughing. There were only slight delusions with no anger. Constipation was still an issue. Gary was starting to get bored just sitting around. Resting oxygen saturation with no supplemental oxygen was 95%-97%. There was daily improvement in cognition and ability to concentrate. Short term memory seemed to be improving.

Follow-up chest x-rays on December 11th showed scarring from covid but all traces of pneumonia were gone!

On December 13th Dr. Sharif gave Gary two doses of Antimonium Tartaricum 200c in his office.

December 17th, “Gary’s energy levels have been off the charts since the two 200c doses in your office on Monday. He is completely off supplemental oxygen. Gary has been a new man!

There’s no way to compare who Gary is today vs who he was prior to Monday. He finished a 300-piece puzzle in a few hours and started on a 1000-piece one. He’s calling his friends now and having actual conversations with them. He had a friend pick him up and take him to an in-person AA meeting tonight – first time on his own since covid. Took his remedy with him and used it once.

Gary got up this morning BEFORE me and filled the dishwasher. He’s picking out his own clothes now. In essence, he’s doing everything he did before covid, except driving. I don’t think his memory is good enough for that quite yet. He’s doing fairly strenuous activity and his oxygen sats stay good unless he forgets to breathe. He’s thinking and acting independently which he was not been able to do prior to Monday. He had to buy a new phone today and has been able to adjust to the new system and figure a few things out unassisted.

It’s truly a miracle. The change was so sudden, I told him it will take me a few days to trust it!

Still has some phlegm and did have a hard time rebounding from too much exertion today. Gave him his remedy and he bounced right back. I’ve learned that 3 hours seems to be the sweet spot for his remedy right now. If he has any “looping” or any issues with rebounding from exertion, a dose of Antimonium Tartaricum seems to solve the issues.

We cannot begin to thank you enough for saving Gary’s life. I don’t know where he would be today…..I hate to think. I thank God every day for bringing you back into our lives.

Many blessings and much love!”

December 27th, “Gary is still taking Antimoniumum Tartarticum 200c and 30c – 200c after he’s been outside in the cold air and 30c otherwise.

Gary is in charge of his own dosing now for the last few days. Generally speaking, if he coughs or clears his throat he takes a dose. Morning and bedtime he takes a dose and a couple of times during the day. Usually takes 30c but takes 200c after spending time outside. He is also taking bear root and the lower respiratory herbs you gave him.

I had to get tough on him yesterday because he didn’t want to dress appropriately for the weather. After coming inside and coughing a bit, he is no longer resisting warm clothes with mouth and nose covering so he doesn’t breathe frigid air.

Gary’s oxygen stats are staying stable even with exertion. His heart rate seems a bit elevated with exertion but returns quickly to normal. He seems to be back to his old self in every way. He did take a dose of pulsatilla on Christmas eve for anxiety. He became anxious just before we left to visit family in Olympia. The pulsatilla settled him down immediately. Life is back to normal. I haven’t noticed any other residual issues. Seems like Gary again.”

By January 1st, Gary had completely stopped taking Antimonium Tartaricum. The massive amount of steroids given during his hospital stay caused severe cataracts which required removal before he could return to work full-time as a school bus driver in March 2022.

On June 4, 2022 Gary completed the generally considered moderately challenging 3.6-mile hike to Manastash Peak, elevation gain 1,574 ft with a peak elevation of 6,335 feet.

Epilogue from Gary himself:
“My story… wow. Seems really strange trying to go back and look at myself going through this experience. Seems really so surreal. I remember some of the last days of work and flashes of children’s faces and their parents and my interactions with them.

Then, I’m sick but I don’t really remember any of the symptoms or any of the feelings of being sick. I just remember the feeling of being inside my brain stuck in a loop that just kept going around and around with no way out. I felt trapped and afraid. I remember that in this game inside my head I died many times. At first, it was scary but then I got used to it and I realized as long as the game inside my head kept going on I was alive and I was supposed to learn something.

These hallucinations were interspersed with periods of remembrance of hospital treatment..
I don’t I feel that I was treated humanely in the hospital but that could have been part of my psychosis. I remember the humiliation of being emotionally abused by staff because I would pee the bed. There were other experiences that weren’t pleasant. I remember wanting to get out so badly but I don’t actually remember the day that I did.

I don’t really remember very much specifically until the day I was given Antimonium Tartaricum by Dr. Sharif. I remember being in his office and I was suddenly awakened. He and I were having a pleasant conversation about spiritual things. We’ve known each other for years and we’re more friends and brothers than patient and doctor. From that point forward I pretty much remember everything in a general way.

I remember the day I stopped using oxygen. I remember the days of physical therapy and the friendship that I made with my physical therapist. He was blown away by my rapid physical improvement. Today I like to coach people and share my experience strength and hope with them. The greatest thing that I can pull from this experience is that I experienced the other side and came back. I’m not afraid of dying.”

Dr. Sharif’s comments about Gary’s case:
When I first saw Gary, he was on a wheelchair with an oxygen canula in his nose. His wife pushed his wheelchair into my office.
He could not walk by himself. He could not breathe well on his own, and was totally dependent on supplemental oxygen. He had extreme weakness and fatigue, and had also been diagnosed with Covid-psychosis. Hallucinations and mood issues were a daily challenge for him.

I initially recommended the remedy Bryonia to Gary based on his various signs/symptoms pointing to the need for this remedy for management of his symptoms. Within a few days, his symptoms changed and he no longer needed Bryonia. At that point, we switched his remedy to Antimonium tart which eventually helped him gradually recover from the extremely phlegmy cough (thereby increasing his oxygen levels throughout his entire body including brain), leading to recovery from his various other long-Covid signs/symptoms including Covid-Psychosis.

There is a good chance Gary specifically needed the remedy Antimonium tartaricum when he had active Covid prior to hospitalization. He of course didn’t receive this remedy, but he ended up needing it after taking Bryonia for a few days- A phenomenon called the “RETURN OF OLD SYMPTOMS” which means that the initial symptoms of the illness might visibly return as the patient traverses the path towards complete recovery. After 4 days of taking the remedy Bryonia daily, Gary developed sinusitis and fever, and suddenly became phlegmy- signs and symptoms of an acute condition, as if he had caught an acute condition. I suspected that he was likely demonstrating what we in homeopathy call the “return of old symptoms”, especially when I learned that he had been extremely phlegmy prior to hospitalization. He was coughing up a large amount of phlegm from the depth of his lungs. It’s noteworthy that during one of his follow up visits at my office, Gary started to suddenly cough up a large amount of thick phlegm. He then shared with me and his wife who was also present during the visit how his post-Covid hallucinations were starting to come back right then and there. I administered the remedy Antomonium tart 200c to him, a few doses back to back, in order to help reduce the excessive phlegm situation in his lungs. The remedy, as expected, immediately helped with his excessively phlegmy cough. Within a few minutes, we were all pleasantly surprised that his hallucinations were also starting to be alleviated as well! I believe the excessive phlegm in his respiratory system was reducing the amount of oxygen delivery to his brain, thereby bringing on hallucinations. That is the one mechanism I can think of that would justify the alleviation of his hallucinations with a remedy that has been shown in homeopathic literature to help with excessive phlegm production. I have seen this phenomenon in other Covid-19 patients – Low oxygen levels affecting their cognition and mood.

Note: Even with normal pulse oximeter levels, Covid-19 patients seem to experience cognitive and/or mood issues.

Gary is a friend of mine, and it’s a true pleasure to see Gary back to a full-functioning life. Gary now lives a happy and spiritually rich life with his family and friends.