Patient testimonials regarding Covid-19 vaccine side effects & long-Covid

DISCLAIMER: At this point, homeopaths cannot claim that they have a cure/treatment OR a verifiable method of prevention for COVID-19. It’s imperative to realize that homeopathy does not have any remedies for any specific conditions (including COVID-19) per se. In homeopathy, we treat people, not diseases. Regardless of the name of the disease, based on the person’s unique set of signs/symptoms, we find a remedy that best matches the case. Lastly, it is important to mention to the patient that no therapy, including homeopathy, is 100% effective in 100% of the cases.

An important recent review by a patient who handled the 2nd shot of the Covid-19 vaccine MUCH BETTER with the aid of natural therapies versus the 1st shot for which she was unprepared:

I don’t typically prefer to take any allopathic medicines, and had concerns about the new form of vaccines being used for Covid-19. Still, I made the choice to be vaccinated for Covid.

After my initial Pfizer shot, my arm was so sore for 2-3 days that I could hardly lift it. I also felt intermittent discomfort around my heart area that persisted for weeks. It took a few months for me to get a heart evaluation – which ultimately came out fine. In the meantime, I was very concerned about getting the 2nd dose. I consulted Dr. Sharif to see what I could do with homeopathic remedies to support my system around vaccination. Dr. Sharif advised me on some general self-care measures with diet and rest, as well as a couple of homeopathic remedies to use pre– and post–vaccination. I was also given supplements that were specific to my health status.

My experience between the first and second dose of the Pfizer vaccine was night and day! My arm had only a slight soreness, and I felt fairly normal in the following days. The only symptom I noticed was intermittent fatigue that lasted a day or so, which did not interfere with my normal activities.

Based on my experience, I would definitely recommend a consultation with Dr. Sharif .

M. Galvin

A review by a patient who had been experiencing side effects from the 2nd dose of the Pfizer vaccine…

I’m writing to share my experience with using homeopathic treatment to help with side affects from the 2nd dose of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine.
Within a few hours of receiving the vaccine, I started experiencing sorness/pain at the injection site, headache, nausea, fatigue and diarrhea. As time went on, those symptoms started gradually getting worse.
I had recalled reading something Dr. Sharif sent out a while back letting his patients know how homeopathic remedies could help in treatment of covid symptoms as well as side affects from the vaccine.
I reached out to him and started taking a remedy that morning. By evening, my symptoms had noticeable lessened. By day two, only 2 symptoms remained but they were minor compared to when I started. By day 3, all symptoms resolved.
I know there isn’t much out there letting people know there are treatment options available to them if they were to get covid or the vaccine.
I had both and and used homeopathic treatment in both cases. I’m grateful for Dr. Sharif and his knowledge in homeopathic medicine.

Severe headache and other odd neurological symptoms secondary to the 2nd Pfizer vaccine were completely relieved with natural medicines.

I hope this “experience” can be helpful to someone.
I am extremely allergic to various foods and the environment. For this reason, I was apprehensive to take the Covid vaccine for possible severe side effects.
After many months of considering the benefits vs. consequences, I decided to take the Covid Vaccine.
I had the Covid-19 Pfizer vaccine. I had severe side effects to the vaccine on my second vaccination. These were:
The injection site was extremely, painful, swollen and with burning sensation. I took a natural remedy on my own as needed and the pain was reduced 95%.
I had a throbbing headache with a strange sensation as if my brain/cranium was on fire, as if melting. Also, I was experiencing a sensation of floating and dizziness.
I decided to contact Dr. Sharif and asked him to help me with this unbearable situation.
After consulting with Dr. Sharif, I took a homeopathic remedy based on his recommendation. My headache was reduced significantly, over 90% in approximately half an hour. The “melting/on fire” sensation in my brain also improved a lot, 90%. Only symptom remaining afterwards was a slight soreness in the sides of the frontal area of the skull. The feeling of being ungrounded and floating was slightly improved too.
After continuing for a few days with the recommended remedy, my headache and “melting/on fire” brain symptom were both completely resolved. The feeling of being ungrounded as if floating was completely resolved after a couple of more days.
Thanks to Dr. Sharif’s effective homeopathic care, I was able to promptly recover from the severe side effects of the Covid vaccine.


A testimonial from a patient with LONG-Covid or POST-Covid who “got his life back” with natural medicines

Generally I do not write testimony for anyone. However, I decided to write one for Dr. Sharif simply to share my experience about long-Covid and how Dr. Sharif was able to help me literally get my life back with the various natural therapies he offered me. Hopefully this testimony will be helpful for those people who are suffering from long-Covid or post Covid signs and symptoms. Remember you are not alone if you are dealing with long-Covid.

I tested positive for Covid-19 last week of April 2021. While recovering from Covid, my symptoms included fever, loss of smell and some fatigue. My Covid symptoms were not severe, and I managed OK for the most part. However the “Post Covid” symptoms were extremely severe. The post Covid symptoms are very difficult to trace and treat. Here is a list of my post-Covid signs and symptoms:

Post covid symptoms (May 2021 – June 2021)
1. Shingles
2. Extreme cough
3. Extreme Indigestion
4. High blood pressure

Post covid symptoms (July 2021 – September 2021)
1. Gas/ Acidity / bloating / High frequency noise through ear
2. Dizziness / Feeling of getting fainted / Feeling fearful / sweats in hand and feet.
3. Not feeling fresh / lack of energy
4. Left hand / left shoulder / left back pain – muscle heat up , tingling
5. Cannot able to sit more than 25 mins.
6. Sleep disorder
7. Feeling hot air / cold air passing through chest.
8. Weight loss – almost 14 pounds

Treatment from Dr. Sharif was received 28th July 2021 – August 30th 2021, a few months AFTER I had already contracted Covid-19.

I went through traditional allopathic doctors but unfortunately my symptoms were not helped. One of my colleagues recommended me to Dr. Sharif and from literally that day onward I started feeling better day by day.

Dr. Sharif is a gifted doctor. He changed the trajectory of my recovery for the better, day by day. He offered me lots of hope which also helped. He heard all my concerns and issues. Dr. Sharif’s diagnostic skills are excellent. He asked me lot of questions and he was able to narrow the choices among a variety of remedies down to a perfect remedy every single time we had a visit. I was in constant communication with Dr. Sharif. If there was any issue with any of the symptoms, he would promptly provide me guidance and would change my course of action accordingly.

My first appointment with him was last week of July 2021 and today, first week of September 2021, I feel I am almost 95% better. To be honest Dr. Sharif gave me my life back with his various natural therapies. I cannot thank him enough for his work for treating me and all of his patients with so much care, diligence and positivity.

I will strongly recommend Dr. Sharif to anyone out there who is struggling with any acute diseases, including acute respiratory illnesses. I hope more people will benefit from Dr. Sharif’s care.


Another testimonial from a patient with LONG-Covid or POST-Covid

I have been seen Dr. Sharum Sharif for the last several months with my long Covid symptoms. I had Covid last October of 2020. I was acutely ill for a entire month, and then was left with various residual- what they call long-Covid. I had been suffering greatly and been praying to God for healing. My issues were: fatigue, shortness of breath, pain in legs (difficulties walking upstairs), extreme coldness, and sensation of pressure in my teeth in the right side of my mouth. After my first visit with Dr. Sharif, I felt some improvements. The doctor prescribed a remedy for me which I took for a while. Slowly but surely I felt better and better. Thank God my health is nearly back to how it was before I got Covid. Also thanks to Dr. Sharif for listening to me and helping me recover from my illness.

Additionally, my daughter-in law got sick with Covid. She had a virtual visit with Dr. Sharif. She felt better nicely day by day.

I appreciate Dr. Sharif for all his knowledge and the willingness to help people in need, especially during these difficult times.


Thank you Dr. Sharif, and may God bless you!