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Homeopathy was not only initially developed by a MD around 200 years ago, but also has been practiced and preserved by countless MDs throughout the world ever since. In light of the COVID-19 crisis, the American and the international health care systems should look anew at homeopathic medicine which has an impressive track record during numerous epidemics and pandemics.

Dr. Sharif’s Talk at the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians in August of 2019 on Homeopathic Prevention and Treatment of Epidemics & Pandemics.

Homeopathic Prevention & Treatment of Epidemics & Pandemics from the AANP on Vimeo.

A Talk by Dr. Sharum Sharif, ND, on the Subject of Homeopathic Dermatology at the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians Convention in San Diego in July of 2018

Dr. Sharif’s Talk on Homeopathic Psychiatry at the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians Convention in Scottsdale, Arizona, Summer of 2014

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Dr. Sharif’s Interview with AANP (American Association of Naturopathic Physicians) Speaking on the Subject of Homeopathy

Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Talk on “How To Be A No-Limit Person”

Dr. Joe Dispenza – Learn How to Reprogram Your Mind

In this 10-minute video, Dr. Joe Dispenza does a wonderful job of teaching us how to change our thoughts in order to improve how we live our lives. THIS IS A MUST SEE VIDEO for anyone who is tired of not feeling well on any level (physically, mentally, or emotionally) or simply not doing well in their life (personally or professionally both).

Dr Joe Dispenza – Programming NEW HABITS (scientific)

How to Properly Use Castor Oil Packs

The following article also covers the science behind castor oil packs:

A lymphedema patient shares her valuable experience with this condition…

Heavy Metal Detoxification/Chelation, Best Done Orally (versus IV)

Dear patients,
If you were to consider doing a heavy metal detox, you should definitely be supervised. Initially, we need to make sure your organs of elimination, namely liver, kidneys, and intestines are functioning well BEFORE you do a heavy metal detox. We carry the product Metal Free advertised in this short video, and I have had many patients use it without any adverse effects.
IV chelation of heavy metals which is intended to eliminate heavy metals out of your body may at times cause side effects, some of which can be serious.

How to make diseases disappear | Dr. Rangan Chatterjee, MD

This medical doctor from England gives a wonderful TED talk on the important of finding the root cause(s) of disease(s) versus covering the symptoms using drugs. He is basically speaking here about naturopathic medicine without using the word “naturopathic”. Enjoy watching this informative video!

Liesbeth Ellinger on veterinary homeopathy research

In this 8-minute video, Dr. Ellinger discusses her research, proving the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies on animals. And, yes, when it comes to animals, you cannot say that the remedies work based on the placebo effect!

Hypnotize Yourself | Dan Candell | TEDxAuburnMiddleSchool

In this 11-minute video, Mr. Dan Candell teaches us how hypnosis is not at all about putting our mind to sleep, but on the contrary, it’s about awakening our mind. Mr. Candell teaches us how we can hypnotize ourselves before going to sleep in order to have a much better day the next day! With hypnosis you can “awaken within you hidden skills, attributes, resources, talents that you may not even know you have had at your disposal!” If you are trying to lose weight, eat more healthily, exercise more regularly, etc., perhaps, as Mr. Candell suggests, you can hypnotize yourself for the few minutes before you fall asleep at night in order to be able to better stick with what you KNOW you need to do (but you usually can’t do due to all the subconscious self-sabotaging thoughts/behaviors/actions) in order to better recover your health the next day.

Dr. Zach Bush, MD – The Loneliest Cell

Dr. Zach Bush shares some brilliant insights into what a cancer cell really is, how this cell comes into being, and how we can help it.