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  • Buckwheat Pizza Crust with Macadamia Cheeze


  • Great Harvest Bakery in Federal Way bakes gluten free breads on Tuesdays.
    Since they also bake a large amount of whole wheat products, this bakery would probably not be the best place for someone with celiac disease (Celiac patients cannot eat any amount of gluten at all).
    If a person is only “sensitive” to gluten products, this would be a VERY yummy option. Great Harvest breads are absolutely delicious. So, their gluten free breads are likely some of the best on the market for a freshly made bread.

  • Gluten-free Bakeries in the South End
  • Gluten-free grocery Stores in the South End

  • There are also many local grocery stores and health food stores that carry gluten free products, such as Fred Meyer and Trader Joes. Most Trader Joes stores have a list of all their gluten-free products that you can pick up at the information/customer service counter. Note that PCC (Puget Sound Consumer Coop) stores carry numerous gluten-free products, however, they don’t have any branches in the South End. The following cities have a PCC store: Seattle (several locations), Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, etc. Whole Foods grocery stores are also a great resource; the closest branch to our clinic is in the city of Bellevue.