Testimonials for Biotherapeutic “Drainage” and Conventional Naturopathic Detoxification

Kidney disease (Papillary necrosis) and Biotherapeutic Drainage

Dr. Sharif,

The treatment that you have me on for Papillary Necrosis in my right kidney and lesion on the liver has been a God send for me.

I was deionised about 2 years ago. I was having blood in my urine. It was also very painful to empty my bladder. Within a 2 week period of having a meeting with you and getting started on your program, I had total relief from bladder pain. And in 6 months, my blood and urine work-up had improved into almost a normal range.

The kidney specialist would only recommend a diet to stay on and nothing else. He only wanted me to have scans done ever so often, and did not have anything else to offer. After my meeting with you which took well over an hour, and answering my many questions, you offered me a workable plan that sounded right which has obviously worked.

After a number of months of being on your treatment protocol, hoping all was healed, I cut down the therapies by half (once daily as opposed to twice daily). However, considering all the stress I was under, it turned out that was not a good idea- In about 3 months, signs of urinary discomfort reappeared. So I went back to using the therapies twice a day as in the past, and in 4 days all my urinary symptoms felt normal again. I still stay on a almost free salt diet, less fried food and very little sugar- This aids further in improving my health.

I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for the treatment that you have me on. I really don’t want to end up with a kidney transplant or dialysis for the rest of my life. So Thank You ever so much for the better life you have helped me achieve.

As ever Winona Eaton

UNDA numbers help improve urinary flow and GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate- the rate with which kidneys flush toxins and make urine)

Excessive sweating and intense muscle spasms throughout the body alleviated within two days…

Steven had been experiencing excessive sweating and intense muscle spasms throughout his entire body for about a year prior to seeing us at Whole Health Clinic. Conventional medicine was not offering him any solutions, so he decided to try naturopathic medicine. Both problems were entirely alleviated within two days after taking his “constitutional” homeopathic remedy, and a couple of UNDA numbers for detoxification of his liver/kidneys, and some minor dietary changes.

Drainage/Detoxification with the aid of UNDA numbers decreases a diabetic person’s need for insulin.

Mary loves UNDA numbers for improving her kidney and liver function…

With the UNDAs for liver and kidneys, Mary can urinate and defecate more frequently throughout the day, helping her feel better overall. Without the UNDAs, she does not urinate enough (she urinates, but in very small amounts), her abdomen feels uncomfortable, and she becomes constipated.

Note that most cases of constipation are due to poor liver function. Therefore, as you detoxify or “drain” the liver, one should experience relief from constipation.

UNDA #1 and Juniperous gemmo help the liver and overall health…

Here, Ilene is sharing with us how taking UNDA #1 appears to be helping with her liver/gall bladder function, as manifested by improvement in pain over liver/gall bladder area within minutes of taking this natural medicine. She also speaks briefly about how taking Juniperous gemmotherapy seems to help her feel better overall. (Note: Please do NOT take these medicines without a prescription from your naturopathic doctor as they may cause side effects if improperly chosen and dosed.)

Biotherapeutic drainage/detoxification is often what is missing in a person’s treatment plan…

Carolyn has advanced sarcoidosis, a very serious autoimmune condition that can negatively impact the health of many of our internal organs/tissues, including heart, lungs, eyes, and skin. Prior to seeing me, Carolyn had tried numerous other therapies, including pharmaceutical medications and even natural supplements. However, she continued to feel very ill overall. At her first visit, I offered her 3 main therapies: First, application of castor oil on her entire abdomen, covering the liver area. Second, an UNDA number to help with liver function (i.e. to “drain” or detoxify the liver). Third, an UNDA number to help with kidney function (i.e. to “drain” or detoxify the kidneys.) As you can see here, in a matter of weeks, she has had numerous improvements in just about every part of her body by getting these toxins out of her primary organs of elimination, intestines, liver and kidneys. I see dramatic improvements in most of my patients by simply starting this basic protocol. Note: The choice and the dosing of the therapies is very critical. I would advise against starting these therapies on your own without the supervision of a naturopathic doctor who is versed in Biotherapeutic Drainage (i.e. UNDA numbers, Gemmotherapies and Gammadyns/Oligotherapies ) and detoxification. Unfortunately, Biotherapeutic Drainage has not yet worked its way well into the field of naturopathic medicine in North America, and continues to be on the fringes of naturopathy, let alone conventional medicine. In contrast, these therapies are utilized by many medical doctors in Europe.

UNDAs can help alleviate severe menstrual cramps…

Kailee shares with us how taking an UNDA number prior to her menstrual period entirely alleviated her menstrual cramps. She has a long history of severe menstrual cramps. She even had to take Vicadin to help with her cramps.

Gemmotherapies can help alleviate menopausal symptoms very effectively

Menopausal symptoms are often nicely alleviated with a good liver detoxification/cleansing protocol. (Refer to the blog, “What’s missing in most menopausal women’s prescription is liver cleansing and water!”) Terri has tried different natural medicines to help detoxify her liver, but she has been more satisfied with Gemmotherapy Rosmarinus than any other liver detoxification medicine. Gemmotherapies/gemmos are the most powerful form of herbal extraction, and are used in Biotherapeutic Drainage for various purposes, including optimization of organ function. They are much stronger than other forms of herbal preparation including tinctures, pills, or teas.

Liver detoxification along with constitutional homeopathy helped with asthma symptoms within a few weeks.

I came down with a sudden case of asthma while I was on a business trip in Florida in early March 2012. I have a history of allergies (hay fever) but not asthma. I went to see an M.D. and they decided that it was allergy related and said that it should go away after the pollen left sometime in July. Unfortunately, my asthma didn’t go away as they expected in July. In addition to my asthma, my naturopath discovered that my cholesterol was unusually high.

When my naturopath had no more to offer I decided to try homeopathy with Dr. Sharif for both the asthma and the cholesterol. After talking to Dr. Sharif I realized that I’m taking far too many supplements. The worst thing is that I was taking too much cod liver oil. About 10 years ago a naturopath recommended that I take 2-3 tablespoons of cod liver oil per day. I have dry eyes and that was the only thing that helped. After cutting back on the supplements, diet restrictions, castor oil, and homeopathic remedies I am doing much better. I don’t need my inhaler anymore, which is a great relief.

Dr. Sharif is the first doctor to put everything together and realize that it could be my liver. I am thankful to be able to breath freely again.

Ingrid Adams

Dr. Sharif’s comments:
To treat Ingrid’s sudden onset asthma, I offered her UNDA numbers for liver, kidneys as well as lungs. I did NOT focus just on the lungs. Detoxifying the main organs of detoxification, namely liver and kidneys, is essential in treating nearly all chronic illnesses, including asthma. Additionally, I asked Ingrid to reduce the dose of her fish oil supplement to no more than 1 Tbsp a day (versus 3, which I believe was overwhelming her liver). In fact, I believe her sudden onset asthma could not have been just “environmental” in origin. I believe Ingrid’s internal organs (most notably liver) were also overwhelmed by all her numerous supplements. To make matters worse, her homeopathic constitutional make-up is one that tends to have weaker organ function to begin with. Therefore, it makes sense that she would be more prone to developing asthma due to a potential environmental “trigger.” Triggers are hardly ever the culprit, it is the health of the host body (specifically the internal organs, namely liver and kidneys) that should always be questioned first.

After 1.5 years of suffering from thyroiditis (inflamed and painful thyroid), patient is effectively treated with UNDA numbers within days…

This letter is a testimonial to Dr. Sharif’s miracle work in resolving my chronically swollen and painful thyroid. I had suffered with this condition for one and a half years and had seen four doctors and specialists, none of who were able to diagnose or resolve the pain. Dr. Sharif’s therapy ended the pain in its entirety after only a few days and turned around my dwindling energy level within a week. I have been pain free for eight months now and my energy is back to normal!

As a practicing engineer for 25 years, I am trained to solve problems by, first and foremost, looking into the root cause. Only then will the solutions naturally and organically arise. I was unsatisfied with the answers that I was getting from the specialists, such as “root cause unknown”. When I would push and challenge the physicians for even a best guess, I was discouraged and basically cut short and abruptly excused from the visit.

The main issue remains: if one doesn’t know the root cause, how can one go about solving the problem? Taking antacids and lots of pain killers without the desired result in my case were simply not the solutions, since they did not in any way address the root cause.

Dr. Sharif wasn’t intimidated by postulating a root cause and performing the process of “Hypothesis Testing” to prove or disprove it. In this case, the hypothesis was an inflamed thyroid based on an infection of some sort, either viral or bacterial. So, he went about it as follows: First, he prescribed some natural medicines to boost the immune system and to provide the necessary conditions for the body to naturally fight the infection on its own. Second, he advised me to take an herbal anti-viral tincture to eradicate possible viruses in my thyroid. Third, he recommended some UNDA numbers to balance the function of my thyroid gland. The hypothesis was proven to be true within a few days, based on the rapid and long lasting results!!

This is a chronicle of what I went through before Dr. Sharif was able to help me:

Around October of 2010, I developed pain in the middle right part of my neck. After a month of feeling the swollen and painful lymph node, I decided to make an appointment with an EENT (Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat) specialist. I was diagnosed with acid reflux, since my pain fluctuated with the type of the food I was eating. So, the EENT doctor put me on an antacid. I took the antacid pills for a few months and tried to note the food/neck pain correlation. At times, there seemed to be a direct correlation and at other times, no correlation at all. In the meantime, my energy level began to diminish to the point that by three in the afternoon, I had no energy to do my work. Keeping my eyes open and focusing on work late in the afternoon became a real issue for me.

So, in January of 2011, I decided to see a naturopath. He gave me an antibiotic since he felt that I was fighting a bacterial infection in the area of the thyroid. He wanted to rule out the bacterial cause. I didn’t take the medication, since I myself felt it wasn’t a bacterial issue. Furthermore, I failed to communicate that to the ND and didn’t follow up.

In March of 2011, I decided to go see another EENT, this time at a different clinic. He ordered an acid reflux test, barium swallow radiograph. The result showed moderate backflow to the 1/3 lower esophagus. So, he asked me to take Prilosec and stay away from wine, sugar, and acidic foods. He believed that the acid was making it all the way to the base of my neck, thereby eroding the lining of the esophagus, causing the pain and soreness.

I took Prilosec for the remainder of 2011 and by December of 2011, I had even more pain in my lower neck and my energy level had fallen to an all-time low, a very unusual state for me since I am normally a very energetic engineer with lots of joy for what I do!

So, In Jan of 2012, I decided to go back to the EENT who had prescribed the Prilosec. This time I insisted on getting complete imaging and blood tests, based on a phone consultation with Dr. Sharif. He ordered ultrasound, WBC, T3, T4, TSH. The ultrasound result showed the left side of the thyroid as non- homogenous (lumpy) – thyroiditis positive. However, the blood test came back normal. He referred me to an internist. He didn’t want to take this case any further, since he said it was no longer an EENT issue. After almost one year of pain, I felt almost betrayed, since he so abruptly referred me out! In retrospect, we should have done this test a year earlier!

In Feb 2012, I was seen by an internist. She ordered a new test, thyroid antibody test, to rule out the possibility of autoimmune disease of the thyroid. She diagnosed my condition as thyroiditis that would most likely eventually resolve on its own. She believed there was a 50/50 chance that the thyroid would become completely non-functional or that I would develop hypothyroidism. She said that acid-reflux could also be going on at the same time and I should continue with acid blockers. I wasn’t impressed with her, since she had zero input on root cause and no preventative actions were outlined. I was very sincere with her and told her this was unacceptable.

Later in February of 2012, I went to see an endocrinologist/thyroid disease specialist. After more testing, the endocrinologist verified that I indeed I had thyroiditis. Like the internist, he said that there was nothing I could take or do, except take NSAIDs, like ibuprofen, at the maximum dosage. He said this issue, inflammation of the thyroid gland, had to take its course, one to two years, after which I might lose my thyroid and become dependent on synthetic thyroid hormone for the rest of my life. Bottom line: root cause unknown and there is nothing to take to make the inflammation go way. Please note, this endocrinologist also happens to lecture at the University of Washington as a professor. So, I followed his advice and took Advil for two weeks. At first the pain went down substantially. It was great! I felt I had gotten my life back. However, after almost three weeks, the medicine lost its effect and the pain started getting worse. My energy level continued to deteriorate significantly, so much so that I was seriously concerned about not being able to do my job!!

Finally, in March of 2012, I went to see Dr. Sharif to see if there was anything he could do to make the pain go away and get my high energy levels back. After an hour of going over my history, he started me on three different kinds of Unda numbers and a custom tincture for thyroiditis. In less than a week, about three days, the pain had subsided almost to zero! After two weeks it was gone. And it hasn’t come back for eight months now! I am so thankful for what Dr. Sharif has done for me! I strongly encourage any reader to follow-up with Dr. Sharif if you haven’t already!


Dr. Sharif’s comments: I am certain the therapy that helped the most is the thyroid UNDAs. The anti-viral tincture was likely helpful as well, but it is the thyroid UNDAs that could have brought on such rapid recovery of such a chronic condition.

Rheumatoid Arthritis with severe case of rheumatoid nodules

My name is Charlene and I’ve had Rheumatoid Arthritis for the last 14 years. I have been on many medications to help relieve the pain and the progression of this disease. The last medication was Enbrel. I gave myself an injection twice a week. Even though I felt better, I developed nodules on my fingers and wrists. I even had some of the nodules removed by surgery but they came back. It came to a point that I could no longer afford this medication, so I began looking for other options.

In October of 2006, I went to see Dr. Sharif. He put me on an Anti-Inflammatory Diet. Along with this diet he had me start taking some natural products, such as UNDA’s to help my GI (gastrointestinal tract) and my kidneys. I also give myself castor oil packs on my abdomen. This, along with HMF that I take are just two of the natural tools to help treat my immune system to becoming healthy.
Between the diet and all the natural tools that Dr. Sharif has given me my health has greatly improved. I can’t believe the difference in the way I feel, including more energy. By continuing doing the diet and natural tools, there will come a day when my immune system will be healthy and I will be able to eat a normal and healthy diet and my Rheumatoid Arthritis will be gone. By the way, I’ve also have seen some of my nodules disappear!

I can’t thank Dr. Sharif enough for giving me my life back. I will follow what he says, because it works!


Chronic Abdominal Problems

I came to Dr. Sharif with acute symptoms of nausea and severe abdominal pain.
Additionally, I have always had a (what I called) a “sensitive gut”. I had been to medical doctors for years and years and given pill after pill….. with no relief. Through my medical doctor (same family practitioner for over 15 years and even gastroenterologists), I was sent for one diagnostic test after another, given several different pills for my symptoms and not once was the “cause” addressed.

After my initial visit with Dr. Sharif, and one day of being on his remedies, all of my acute symptoms were gone. Additionally, my chronic problem of having (what I called) a sensitive gut was better within a week of being treated by Dr. Sharif. Of course, I am continuing to undergo treatment at this time- it has been about one month since my initial visit. So, Dr. Sharif not only got rid of my acute symptoms, he also discovered and is addressing/treating the underlying cause of my gut problems, and consequently helping with my chronic gut issues as well. As he states, “in order to truly help with chronic symptoms, you must address the cause. You can’t just alleviate symptoms superficially with medicines (pharmaceuticals or even natural medicines) and expect your chronic symptoms to disappear on their own.”

Dr. Sharif’s assessment was based on an extensive interview, a thorough physical exam, and ordering/reviewing the results of a comprehensive blood test and an abdominal ultrasound. The initial visit lasted 2 hours. He told me that my chronic gut problems were not just confined to my gut- it also had something to do with my liver, and possibly other organs as well. My liver enzymes were elevated which showed up in the blood test. Dr. Sharif recommended natural medicines that help the liver and kidneys with their day-to-day functioning-detoxification or “cleansing” processes. These medicines are “drainage” medicines which are all liquid homeopathic as well as botanical medicines. I am currently taking a couple of Gemmotherapies and some UNDA numbers for the liver as well as for the kidneys. He also urged me to apply the castor oil pack onto my abdomen religiously.

More recently, I developed a bad cold (with a nagging cough), and was feeling quite poorly for a number of days. After several days of being sick, I thought I would see if there was anything that could be done to help my symptoms. Once again, after one day of being on Dr. Sharif’s remedies (UNDA numbers) for colds and acute cough, I was breathing better, coughing less, sneezing less and able to lay down to sleep without getting all stuffy. Overnight my cold and acute cough was much better.

Dr. Sharif has changed my life- I feel healthier, have more energy, and expect to live longer as a result. He listens to what I have to say, is compassionate, and I feel he truly cares about my well being.

Sue Katt
Issaquah, WA

It has now been 4 months since my first appointment with Dr. Sharif and what a difference his treatment has made in my health. I faithfully did the caster oil pack, took my Unda’s as prescribed and embarked on the dysbiosis therapy. I now have the energy I did over 15 years ago and there are no words to describe how incredibley good I feel. At 57 years old….for the first time ever I have stopped biting my finger nails, am no longer obsessive compulsive with my house cleaning and get a good nights sleep. Life is good! I thought if I was going to take time out of my day to have an appointment it would be to my advantage to do what Dr. Sharif advises in order to receive optimal results and I did. Thank you Dr. Sharif for your knowledge, my personalized treatment plan and your kindness in helping me acheive total body wellness.

Sue Katt
Issaquah, WA


I would like to add yet another milestone in my care from Dr. Sharif. I have had heart burn for years and at time it becomes so painful that I would actually throw up. Dr. Sharif told me I had to stop drinking diet coke! I loved my diet coke and I went through really bad withdrawals. Now that I have that behind me I am so pleased to say that my heart burn has completely subsided…..it is gone! I am extremely happy about these results and feel so much better.

Sue Katt
Issaquah, WA