Testimonials for Neural Therapy and Trigger Point Injections

Many patients can have muscle spasms, low back pain, sciatica, disc problems, muscle tension discomfort, joint strains/sprains, plantar fasciitis, nerve tingling in extremities, migraines, and other acute or chronic symptoms due to car accidents, sports injuries, falls, repetitive motion overuse, and fibromyalgia. Dr. Sharif now provides an extremely effective treatment to reduce inflammation and pain and stimulate natural healing by injections of HEEL company’s homeopathic products (including Traumeel, Spascupreel, and Lymphomyosot) either into the muscles (Trigger Point injections) or under the skin (Neural therapy). This is especially useful when massage, chiropractic treatment, prescription drugs, and/or physical therapy have not provided satisfactory results. People are often recommended to have cortisone shots, but most often can avoid them when receiving this treatment.


1)Homeopathic injections are significantly safer due to two reasons:
A)The homeopathic shots are inserted only a few millimeters (often only skip deep) into the tissues versus cortisone shots which are usually inserted more deeply, and are consequently much more risky.
B)Homeopathic remedies (in either injection or oral form) are entirely natural as opposed to cortisone which is a pharmaceutical medication with common known side effects.

2)Homeopathic injections are significantly less expensive than cortisone shots (typical medicine cost is $30-50 per session for homeopathic shots as opposed to hundreds of dollars for cortisone shots)

3)Homeopathic injections are fast. You can receive therapy for a particular location in your body within minutes as opposed to cortisone which typically takes much longer.

4)You can receive homeopathic injections as often as you need, even weekly or monthly, as opposed to cortisone shots which you can only receive 2-3 per body part per year

5)Homeopathic injections help the body heal itself, as opposed to cortisone shots which are anti-inflammatory. Homeopathic medicines bring balance back to the body by stimulating the innate self-healing mechanisms hidden deep within the body.  One of the consequences of receiving these injectable homeopathic medicines is that the inflammatory cascade at the site of injury is encouraged back into balance.  This phenomenon is the opposite of what occurs when you receive cortisone injections at the site of injury since cortisone forcefully suppresses inflammation as opposed to gently bringing balance back to the injured tissues.


Venita – Neural Therapy Injections



Homeopathic injections can provide wonderful relief from pain even if the pain is chronic…

Estelle had developed pain in low back and neck after a car accident 5 years ago. One series of homeopathic injections (of Traumeel and Spascupreel) provided 100% relief from her chronic pain, at least for one month from the date the injections were administered and the recording of this video.

Dr. Sharif


Homeopathic injections can help alleviate pain very effectively…

This patient had had pain in her middle finger for over a year. A couple of injections of homeopathic ZEEL under the skin covering this joint (not into the joint capsule itself) has almost entirely alleviated her pain. Note that these homeopathic injections are not deep, and thus nearly painless and extremely safe.

Dr. Sharif


Severe foot/ankle pain, and extremely rapid recovery with Neural Therapy (superficial) injections of HEEL’s Traumeel

Having had foot pain since early 1990, it was something I just dealt with knowing the arthritis would never go away. As time went on and the pain worsened, my Podiatrist would inject cortisone into the area of necrosis which was so painful and not a safe protocol. Desperate for a safe and effective treatment, I consulted Dr. Sharif to see if there are any natural therapies that would help me. By the time I went in to see Dr. Sharif I was to the point of not being able to stand in one place and the pain would go up my ankle bone. There was burning sensation in my foot. On those days I was on my feet a lot, I would have a hard time falling asleep due to extreme pain. A recent MRI of my foot/ankle revealed severe arthritis, osteonecrosis (bone death) in 3 areas in my ankle , bone spurs and other problems. One injection session with Dr. Sharif helped resolve the pain issue! He injected the area with Traumeel which was absolutely painless….. I would never have believed it had I not experienced it for myself! To this day I am pain free, I can stand in one place as long as I want, and walk as much as I want without experiencing excruciating pain when I get off my feet at the end of the day and go to bed. This is a small price to pay for the huge impact these injections have had on my body and its performance. Traumeel injections are safe, inexpensive and have improved the quality of my life significantly. I am forever grateful and indebted to Dr. Sharif for implementing this natural treatment enabling me to resume and regain full mobility.

Sut Katt


Hip pain responds better to HEEL homeopathic injections than to other therapies such as chiropractic

I have had hip pain for sometime now. I am not certain how it started. I had seen my chiropractor, whom I feel is really good, and she tried massage and ultrasound. This did help temporarily. She felt it was probably more tightness in the muscles. Even though I still have some tenderness in my hip, the pain has been significantly better with the homeopathic injections.



Two rounds of neural therapy injections appear to have shrunk a bony deposit from 3 to 0.5 cm in about 10 months, decreasing pain and increasing mobility as a result.

Hi Dr. Sharif,
In January 2018 I had an MRI which showed a 3 cm calcium deposit on my shoulder from an accident which tore my rotator cuff two years prior. You gave me some homeopathic injections around my shoulder which decreased the pain I was experiencing and increased some of my mobility. A few months after the injections, I was having pain in the shoulder area again and you repeated the injections. In October 2018 I had an ultrasound on the shoulder and the calcium deposit had decreased to a half a centimeter. I would recommend homeopathic injections to anyone who is experiencing pain and or inflammation. Thank you for all that you do for people! Cindy