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Hashimoto’s thyroiditis patient’s blood test results normalized by avoiding food allergies/sensitivities.

Blood test results for a Hashimoto’s patient normalized by eliminating her food allergies and/or sensitivities. Conventional skin allergy testing is typically not as helpful for finding out about food allergies as a blood test. Additionally, blood testing can be used to find out about food sensitivities (IgG reactions) as well, not just food allergies (IgE reactions). It is noteworthy that food allergies and/or sensitivities can cause problems anywhere from head to toes, including autoimmune diseases such as Hashimoto’s disease of the thyroid gland. Food allergy (IgE) and/or sensitivity (IgG) testing is helpful not just for patients with digestive problems, but also for many other conditions including autoimmune diseases, skin disorders of all types, arthritis, headaches, chronic fatigue, brain fog, insomnia, obesity, PMS, hot flashes, anxiety, etc. Naturopathic doctors order blood IgE and/or IgG testing on a regular basis for their patients.

Hyperthyroidism can often be treated successfully using herbs.

Chronic and painfully dry skin successfully treated within two weeks

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Excessive sweating and intense muscle spasms throughout the body alleviated within two days…

Steven had been experiencing excessive sweating and intense muscle spasms throughout his entire body for about a year prior to seeing us at Whole Health Clinic. Conventional medicine was not offering him any solutions, so he decided to try naturopathic medicine. Both problems were entirely alleviated within two days after taking his “constitutional” homeopathic remedy, and a couple of UNDA numbers for detoxification of his liver/kidneys, and some minor dietary changes.


Drainage/Detoxification with the aid of UNDA numbers decreases a diabetic person’s need for insulin.


Asthma responds wonderfully to natural therapies.

Asthma patient’s symptoms alleviated successfully using natural therapies.
Tara was able to entirely stop using her pharmaceutical medications immediately after starting natural medicines. She feels well, and has been able to save a lot of money every month.


Hormonal IUD can create havoc in a woman’s digestive system.



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Dr. Sharif,

Thank you so very much for taking me as a patient on such short notice. It truly was a pleasure to meet with you.

I am feeling a lot better.

After stopping the dairy products, and gluten, my cough is still about 90% gone, and I have not had bronchitis at all this year, that in itself is great.

After the homeopathic injections, my knee felt a lot better for a while, but after doing a lot of walking lately, it is back to hurting. I am still taking the meds you prescribed, and hopefully they will kick in to make my knee better for good. My hip does seem to be much better though.

I am no longer taking the Previcid, and I think my system is rebelling. The “chocolate” licorice is great, and thank you for suggesting that I keep the Cal Mag Liquid. It does wonders for a burning stomach.

My energy level has increased, and I am not as tired as I was before I came to see you.

Thank you so very much for all of your help.


Life-threatening chronic and recurrent bacterial pneumonia and severe acid reflux

My name is Kathi Hennessey and I have suffered many illnesses in my lifetime. I had rheumatic fever when I was 5, which resulted in the mitral valve in my heart to tear and rupture at the age of 45. Since then I have had 3 open heart surgeries to repair and replace the heart valve. I have had a hysterectomy, my gall bladder removed and a “so-called” hiatal hernia fixed in 2009.

About 16 years ago, I started suffering from severe heartburn and had to take antacids on a regular basis for the heartburn. I have been on every antacid medication on the market, including Nexium, Acifex, Zegrid, and Zantac. Not one doctor, stomach or other doctor ever told me not to take these on a regular basis or just use as needed. I also have been on massive doses of antibiotics all my life from numerous infections. The combination of antacids and antibiotics over the years took a toll on my body and it became deadly, almost fatal. I was close to death several times and each time no one (doctor) was closer to finding out what was wrong with me.

Over the past 8 years I have been to 100’s (and I mean 100’s of doctors). I have been to many specialists, and I even felt so desperate in 2009 that I flew myself to the Mayo Clinic in Arizona to seek the help of their specialists. When I was at the Mayo Clinic, I had the worst outbreak of what all the doctors determined as “bacterial pneumonia”. Previous to this, I had many outbreaks of what was diagnosed as “bacterial pneumonia” and ended up in the hospital over 20 times. Each and every time, every test, baffled the doctors. My white cell count went off the charts and I would go into septic shock. My blood pressure would drop to dangerous levels, ran a high fever, coughed up blood, body aches that were unbelievable. X-rays showed discoloration in the lungs and it was determined to be some type of “bacterial pneumonia”, and I was put in intensive care. Each episode I had I was given massive doses of antibiotics, which cleared up the infection. I would get better with the antibiotics, and the doctors would send me home each time with no answers as to what was truly happening to me. Then the vicious cycle would begin again, month after month. This was ruining my 22-year marriage, my husband lost his faith and I became severely depressed and suicidal. I am a strong, strong Christian, and I have an amazing faith, and that is what saved me from committing suicide. The one thing I still had was God and prayer, which was enough for me. I prayed everyday for answers and/or a doctor that could figure out this mysterious illness that was taking my life and give me some more time with my family. I never gave up hope. I was determined to not let this destroy me or my marriage.

In late October of 2010, a good Christian friend of mine came to the office where I worked and told me about a naturopath she had found that she took her husband to for his heart trouble. I thought, “why not, I’ll give him a try”. It was really my last ditch effort. Little did I know, Dr. Sharif would be my “saving grace”. Dr. Sharif had my situation figured out in 5 minutes. I had one of the worst cases he had seen of Candida/Yeast overgrowth in my gut. This was caused from years and years of the overuse of antibiotics and the overuse of antacids. Overtime, the Candida overgrowth in my digestive system had weakened my immune system, thereby making me much more susceptible to lung infections, a connection none of my conventional doctors, including the Mayo clinic doctors, had mentioned. It is extremely difficult and emotional for me to talk about this. No one lived in my body and suffered the fears I did about dying. I thought, “I can’t die without knowing what has caused this. What is my death certificate going to say?” It would probably say some made up excuse by another doctor that couldn’t figure it out.

Dr. Sharif started with the basics of getting me back on track. He was completely honest with me about the severity of my condition. He told me it will take a long, long time to fix this. I didn’t care, someone finally listened to me and sincerely cared. Dr. Sharif’s compassion for wanting to heal his clients is amazing. We started with some basics to build my immune system and to kill the Candida/yeast in my digestive system. Something so simple yet I was never tested for the yeast overgrowth.

Dr. Sharif suggested I completely stop eating sugar and drinking coffee, and eat a healthier diet. He also recommended a number of natural supplements, including herbs, nutrients, and homeopathic remedies. Changing my diet was difficult, but the pay-off would be worth it. He constantly monitors my health to make sure his suggestions are working, and I am on track and not getting sick anymore. I am finally getting my life back and when I think about what I have been through it makes me so sad, but now that I am getting so much better I do not want to waste a single moment on the negative. The power of prayer and the belief in yourself and God, and never giving up hope is what you have to strive for. Sometimes you are all alone in the battle, family sometimes can turn their back on you because they just can’t cope with your illness anymore or you feel like you are going crazy because the doctors begin to not believe you. But please, please keep fighting. It is that attitude that God wants you to have. We are all put through trials and tribulations in life and life is a test. I wanted to share my story that hopefully through my experience I can help someone else. Like they say, ‘pay it forward’.

This is a list of things that have disappeared or improved in my health since I started seeing Dr. Sharif and following his naturopath and homeopathy recommendations:

– No more intestinal Candida or yeast outbreaks (unless I am bad and eat sugar) leading to lung infections
– My knees use to ache every time I walked up or downstairs – that has disappeared
– I always had a runny nose and blamed it on my medication – that has stopped
– The best news is my heartburn is gone and I am finally off antacids – I just use natural enzymes
– Bloating & gas is not severe anymore, No more constipation
– My skin is beautiful now! – It was red, scaly, itchy – I looked like a lizard
– I actually have my appetite back – I use to feel like I had a valve in my throat that shut off when I ate more than 5 bites of food. I am hungry now and eat like normal people.
– Sleep has improved
– Fogginess in my head is gone

Please do what Dr. Sharif asks you to do! The pay-off will be huge!

Close Look
I am Dr. Sharif’s receptionist. In the 4 years that I have worked for him I have seen countless patients who, after their first visit, bring their family and friends to see Dr. Sharif. It happened in my own family and extended family, which all see Dr. Sharif regularly. It’s not unusual to have lab technicians come for visits due to the positive testimonials they hear from his patients.

Many of our patients, who have been to other health clinics, including other naturopathic offices, with challenging cases and had not been helped, have been successfully treated by Dr. Sharif. He has a high success rate and is able to treat the most complicated of cases. My husband and I realize that Dr. Sharif saved his life recently with a diagnosis that most doctors would have missed. We are grateful for that.

Daily, I witness the serious, complex, and comprehensive visits that he selflessly gives to each patient. He often works through his own lunch and spends many long evenings charting and calling patients, labs, or other doctors. He also does not let financial circumstances stand in the way of a patient’s visit or treatment.

He exhibits the highest level of expertise when diagnosing, treating, and knowing when to refer to other specialists. The compassion and encouragement that he gives to each patient equal his medical skills. He has the ability to connect with all ages and personalities.

Last but not least is the level of excellence that he gives in all he does. That is why many patients are willing to travel long distances to be treated by him. I feel privileged to be of service to Dr. Sharif and his patients.

Nancy Hawkins

Homeopathic remedies improve your mood…

The 10 M potency of my homeopathic remedy is working wonderfully. I feel significantly different, much more relaxed and happy with my life. It’s remarkable, and if I consider how I’ve felt in the past, it seems like I’m a different person. That’s how I knew the remedy hadn’t been antidoted even though my wrist continued to bother me for until this past Saturday. In addition to having a brighter outlook, I’m also much less tired than usual, even though that wasn’t a problem I had in mind when seeking treatment.

Another thing I wanted to share with you is regarding castor oil. Chris recommended it to his step-mother, who had most of the lymph nodes in her leg removed and has struggled with lymph-edema ever since. She has been an excellent patient and done everything her doctor asked her to, but still had problems. Within a few days of beginning to use castor oil on her leg once a day, she no longer needed to wear a support hose at night because her leg was better with the castor oil than it had been with the support hose. She was so excited when she called Chris back. I thought you’d like to hear another castor oil success story. 🙂

Seattle, WA

Thank You

Thanks to you, my husband no longer has daily headaches or high blood pressure.

Thanks to you, I no longer have migraines every other week, stopped taking my antidepressants (a huge success!) and no longer feel so fatigued that I can barely get through the day.

Thanks to you, my oldest son no has longer warts (something the pediatrician said would take 1 to 2 years for him to grow out of), no longer wets the bed at night, stopped getting ear infections and got rid of a flu in 7 hours on Christmas Eve where he had diarrhea, horrible vomiting (couldn’t even keep water down) and a fever of 103.

Thanks to you, my youngest also no longer has warts (same as my oldest), stopped getting hives when exposed to Omega 3’s and stopped coughing so hard at night that it made him throw up.

Last but not least, because of you, no one in our family no longer takes ANY prescription medications!

Wow, all of this in less than a year!

So, I guess we should be saying over and over again. . . THANK YOU!

We really do appreciate all of your diligence and commitment to our family’s health.

Kind regards,
Ravensdale, WA

Fibromyalgia and Castor Oil Packs

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia over 20 years ago. My symptoms became increasingly worse over the years. I had flu-like body aches around the clock, and Tylenol was my best friend; it helped me to get out of bed and through each day.

I started seeing Dr. Sharif in mid 2006 (it is now January, 2007), I had never heard of a castor oil pack and had no expectations-only a willingness to try ANYTHING to end my day to day agony.

Using a castor oil pack seems to be an old-fashioned treatment, but there must be a lot of wisdom behind using it, because it has given me a new lease on life. After a couple of days, I noticed there were no more body aches, I didn’t need to take Tylenol anymore, and my skin began to lose its decidedly yellow hue. I can only think that my liver
must be really happy! I found that I was sleeping better and was on my way to having much more energy. I am very grateful because I can now participate much more fully in life.

I know it’s not magic, but it works; and that’s good enough for me.

Judith Sparks

Kidney Cancer Survivor and Rheumatoid Arthritis

I have been searching for a naturopathic doctor for some time now. I met Dr. Sharif and was impressed by his passion to help people be in the best health they can. I was also impressed that Dr. Sharif has a BS in electrical engineering. My husband is an electrical engineer and he used to tell me stories of how people were “dropping like flies” because the courses were so hard! I liked the idea of a very smart naturopathic doctor!

I made an appointment and went to see him. My first visit was three hours long! I have never spent that much time in one visit with one doctor. By the time I left, I really felt I was working with a caring doctor who knew A LOT about me. He gave me some medicines and put me on the “Elimination Diet.”

My initial reason for visiting Dr. Sharif was because I am a cancer survivor, and he had told me he wanted to work on the “hard cases.” He helped me realize that my acid reflux, water retention, elevated blood pressure, dizziness, and also the rheumatoid arthritis were not isolated occurrences. After my visit, I felt differently about my body. I wasn’t suffering from an assortment of isolated diseases – my whole body was struggling. It made sense to me.

After about one month with Dr. Sharif, I consulted with my regular MD to see about reducing my prescription medications. I now need far fewer medications to keep my symptoms under control. I am no longer taking the prescription diuretic pills, I have no need for the reflux medication, my blood pressure medication is down to half of what it was and my rheumatoid arthritis medications are down to less than half. (I was really glad to be off the anti-inflammatory medicines – which can damage one’s heart.) By reducing my prescription medications, I have also reduced the risk of all those potential drug side-effects.

I am sleeping better, and my other body functions (we’ll just leave it at that!) are almost normal.

Dr. Sharif celebrates my progress with me through e-mails and phone calls to see how I am doing. I really feel we are in a partnership to help me be in the best health I can.

Thank you Dr. Sharif!!

S.L (fifty-seven year old female)

Migraine Headaches

Hi, my name is Helen Wang, I come from Bei Jing , China . i had migraine
headache since i was 18 years old. there are a lot of things can trigger my
headache, wheather, food, flu, pressure. i have seen a lot of dorcters, i
went to see mediclal Drs , they only spent five minutes for me and give me
some drugs . like Imitrex, it makes me feel sick that i had difficult
breath after i took it and it only stop pain for several hours. i even went
to emergency room in hospital one day because i had such a bad headache that
Imitrex can not stop it . i get acupuncture, that help me a lot , at least
i don’t need to take these drugs, but after a period of time my headache
come back again. i have seen Dr Sharum for 2 month. he is very patient , he
spent couple hours at my first visit . he asked very detail questions which
the medical Drs never do . at the beiging, my headache always active. Sharum
gave me a food alergy test , i have high alergy about wheat which i almost
eat every day. i stopped eating any wheat. he gave me some Undas to do the
drainage of my liver and kindey. i have dramatic improvment of my headache
and some other things since i have started my treatment , i don’t have any
migraine headache now , i can get good quality sleep which was impossible
before, i used to take a lot of sleeping pills . my mood is more steady now
, my boyfriend always complain that i had bad mood before. i have good
appetite and my pimples gone. i want to cure my headache, i think Dr Sharum
can help me.

Helen Wang
Bellevue, WA

Ringing in the Ears (Tinnitus) and Chronic Sinusitis

I was suffering from a condition of ringing in the ears. I had this for several years now, and had tried many different herbal supplements but nothing had worked. Dr. Sharif prescribed Rosa Canina (a Gemmotherapy medicine) for me. I started taking it on April 1, 2005. Within four days of treatment, the ringing in my ear was reduced by 70% and the pain of my left ear stopped completely. After about 10 days or so, the pain was almost non-existent. There is nothing like this therapy compared to the ones I had tried in the past. I encourage everyone who is suffering from tinnitus to try Gemmotherapy. Many thanks go to Dr. Sharif.

Linda Daniels


Update progress report of my condition of ringing of the ears and chronic sinus problems. Prior to receiving treatment from Dr. Sharum Sharif, I had been seen by numerous traditional Eyes, Ear, Nose and Throat (EENT) specialists for over the pass fifteen or twenty years, and nothing seemed to help my condition. In fact, the treatments I received only made my illness worse and drove it deeper into the tissues and cells of my body. I have had CT scans, X-rays, antibiotics, and hundreds of prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs. I was continually going through this revolving door from the conventional medical community. Nothing changed, and things only got worse. I finally decided to take the matter into my own hands and tried some things from the health food stores and consulted with natural health N.D.s or naturopathic doctors.

It wasn’t until when I began to receive Gemmotherapy-based drainage treatments form Dr. Sharif that I noticed a gradual improvement in my over all condition; especially with the ring of the ears. After three months of UNDA and Gemmo-therapy drainage treatments my condition continued to get better. He then added the Gammadyn drainage therapy which improved my condition by over eighty percent. During my last visit, he suggested that I use a treatment called Nasal Lavage that proves to bring further relief from chronic sinusitis.

I can now say that I am about ninety percent cured. I will continue the treatment because of the results I have been getting. It was not an overnight or instant cure. It was over the course of five months that I, along with Dr. Sharif, have achieved these results. He explained to me that for every year that I have had a particular condition, it takes one month to rid the body of the illness. To achieve these kinds of results in five month is great. So, one should not be discouraged. I learned that I had to be a good patient and student of Dr. Sharif. I have also learned that one has to give oneself time to heal. These therapies work at a very deep cellular level, and it takes time to undo the damage that has been done. So let’s be kind to ourselves by being a good patient and student. Thank you Dr. Sharif for restoring my health.

Your Faithful Patient & Student

Linda Daniels from Kent

Fatigue and Insomnia Following Total Hysterectomy

This was my first experience with a naturopathic physician. It was the best thing I could have done for my health. I underwent a total hysterectomy in my late forties. Though I had been on an estrogen patch since the surgery, I had not been able to sleep more than 4-5 hours at night and was chronically exhausted nearly 18 months post-op. I had always led a very active lifestyle and was literally so tired of being tired everyday, I knew I had to find a solution that western medicine hadn’t offered me.

After just a few visits with Dr. Sharif, I can now get good sleep every night and my energy levels have increased considerably. My body is finally getting the rest and natural supplements it needs to heal. I am so thankful for the time I have spent with Dr. Sharif and the knowledge he has shared with me. I am now on the road to recovering my health and lifestyle!

Kim from North Bend

Reflux and Stomach Pain

I originally came to see Dr. Sharif to find out what natural treatments he could offer me for my stomach pain, reflux, and bloating. I had already sought conventional medical treatment, and been offered Protonix (an acid blocker), but was not interested in taking a drug for an indefinite amount of time.

Dr. Sharif offered an elimination diet and some natural medicines. Within days, all my symptoms disappeared. Now (a few months later), I do not even need to continue the natural medicines if I only follow my recommended diet. I am very grateful to Dr. Sharif for his help.

Neda from Seattle

Depression and Anxiety

These days lots of us suffer from depression and anxiety, and I was sure one of them. My life was filled with sadness and stress. My medical doctor had me on 10 mg of Prozac for six months. I was getting very used to Prozac, to a point that if I missed one day, I would get bad headaches and would be in a bad mood all day.

Prozac wasn’t making me feel any better- it made me not “care” about my problems. So, I wouldn’t do anything about my problems, and would keep putting them behind. I wanted to sleep all day long, and noise and crowds were too much for me to handle.

A good friend of mine suggested that I try seeing a naturopath. Up until then, I did not knew anything about naturopathic medicine, and my friend gave me Dr Sharif’s number. I called him, and honestly, I was not sure if naturopathic medicine could do anything for me- it just did not make sense to me! I went to my appointment, and Dr. Sharif spent over an hour with me, asking me questions. Then he gave me some helpful advice, kind of like a good, honest friend. He also gave me these pills which I call HAPPINESS PILLS. Over a short period of time, I did not seem to need my drug any more. So, with the help of my medical doctor I went off of Prozac.

He also gave me a very good diet. I have been taking the pills, and following the new diet. Today, after 3 months, not only am I not taking Prozac any more, but I am also not needing the magic “happiness” pills either. My life has changed a lot and I owe a big part of it to Dr. Sharif. To me, he is my life saver and a great friend whom I can trust with my problems and issues.

I want to be every depressed person’s friend and tell them to go see Dr. Sharif, stop taking those drugs, and enjoy the true happiness that he can help you have again.


Mary H. from Seattle

Chronic Sinusitis

I first heard about Dr. Sharif through friends and family. When I first came to Dr. Sharif, I was suffering from severe sciatic nerve pain. My sinuses were also infected which was a very normal issue for me. I was used to having sinus infections a few times a year and taking antibiotics for it. Of course taking the antibiotics caused other problems for me in addition.

Dr. Sharif spent almost two hours patiently listening to my problems, asking me lots of questions about my diet and life style. He gave me some natural pills and an ointment, and suggested a new diet for me to follow. He then called me in two weeks to follow up on my problems.

I did follow the diet and took the natural medicines he gave me, and within a short while, my sinus problem had resolved and I no longer had pain in my lower back and leg.

I now know that diet plays a major role in my sinusitis, and if I don’t follow my recommended diet, my persistent sinusitis comes back. Whenever I have a question about certain foods or other matters, I call him, and he patiently listens to me and answers my questions.

Thank you Dr. Sharif.

Mehrnaz from Washington

Obesity and Edema

Anyone who is seriously interested in losing weight, and/or relieving edema, might give Dr. Sharif’s anti-inflammatory diet a try.

I followed it very faithfully for 5 weeks, and have continued after that for another 3 months following everything except I am back on strong coffee.

During the 4 plus months, I have lost 20 pounds, and no longer am troubled by painful edema.

I will be 70 in January, and have had naturopathic care for over 25 years, but have not been always good on following dietary instructions.

Now I have found a diet I can and will live with indefinitely.

Lavonne from Seattle


I have been going to you for help to get my self in better shape as I will be turning 60. I started a regular work out schedule in 1-1-05, I use swim aerobics 3 times a week my body is now stronger and I have more stamina when working and doing chores. I am doing better on my eating habits, but still there is more room for improvement. The vitamins and natural aids have made me be more regular and help detoxify my liver and body. My vital signs are better now.

I think one of the main things that you do for me, is make me feel better mentally and emotionally, which is not easy. I look forward to our appointments. Thanks again for the needed help Dr. Sharif.

Gary Fox from Kent

Allergies and Migraines

I am a 44 year-old engineer living in Seattle. I used to live with allergies every day of my life until about four years ago. I saw many doctors and specialists starting at the age of 20. Testing showed that I was allergic to practically everything. Besides this diagnosis, all the doctors were able to offer were a bunch of pills that weren’t very effective and often had extensive side effects. I suffered with allergies every day of the year, however, it was a lot worse from May through July. Every night after dinner, my face would turn red and hot and the skin on my forehead would become tight and lose its healthy shape and tone. I had no idea about what was going on with my body, and, like millions of other people, lived in ignorance about this and tried to suppress all these natural signs with various allergy medications.

About four years ago Dr. Sharif, at that time a student of naturopathy at Bastyr University, changed my life forever. He taught me about food groups and allergenic load. He put me on a one month elimination diet, asking me to avoid the most commonly allergenic foods such as milk, corn, wheat and dairy. I had never felt so good before. The heat and mild skin rash that I had experienced for years after dinner disappeared completely. After the one month on the elimination diet, I gradually (and based on a very strict, cautious, and systemic approach offered by Dr. Sharif) introduced the various foods back into my diet, noticing my body’s reaction. He taught me the rhythm of what to eat and when to eat it. For example, I can have wheat, but not every day or, as a maximum, not more than once a day. Or I have learned not to eat certain combination of foods. Now I am able to eat anything I like and I know when I have gone over my limit. I don’t suppress the symptoms, rather I use them as a warning and an alarm that I have exceeded my allowable “total load”. Now almost five springs have gone by and I haven’t had a runny nose or itchy eyes. This type of medicine is really like a miracle.

Another example is my wife’s migraines. She is now in her late 40s and has been suffering from migraine headaches since her early 30s. Her doctors were unable to advise her as to how to prevent the headaches, they could only offer medications to short circuit the migraine at the first sign of one, or medications to ease the pain once one had occurred. These medications had many negative side effects. With Dr. Sharif’s guidance and knowledge, she has managed to stop the occurrence of these devastating headaches, mainly through eliminating certain foods and by making lifestyle changes.

The science of naturopathy is about life and about how to optimize one’s state of being, both physically and mentally. Dr. Sharif has that very ability. He approaches medicine from a very new and yet ancient point of view. I truly and sincerely owe my own increased awareness about natural medicine and health to Dr. Sharif. I have seen it and experienced it and really hope and wish that others will benefit from it as well. What I have learned from Dr. Sharif is invaluable. I have learned to be in control of and know my body. I have learned to respect my body and know that various symptoms and problems are tell tale signals of what is going to happen if I ignore them. I have learned that the signal is not the illness in most cases. I owe this to Dr. Sharif and to Bastyr School of Medicine. He has changed my life.

Ray from Seattle

After 1.5 years of suffering from thyroiditis (inflamed and painful thyroid), patient is effectively cured within days…

This letter is a testimonial to Dr. Sharif’s miracle work in resolving my chronically swollen and painful thyroid. I had suffered with this condition for one and a half years and had seen four doctors and specialists, none of who were able to diagnose or resolve the pain. Dr. Sharif’s therapy ended the pain in its entirety after only a few days and turned around my dwindling energy level within a week. I have been pain free for eight months now and my energy is back to normal!

As a practicing engineer for 25 years, I am trained to solve problems by, first and foremost, looking into the root cause. Only then will the solutions naturally and organically arise. I was unsatisfied with the answers that I was getting from the specialists, such as “root cause unknown”. When I would push and challenge the physicians for even a best guess, I was discouraged and basically cut short and abruptly excused from the visit.

The main issue remains: if one doesn’t know the root cause, how can one go about solving the problem? Taking antacids and lots of pain killers without the desired result in my case were simply not the solutions, since they did not in any way address the root cause.

Dr. Sharif wasn’t intimidated by postulating a root cause and performing the process of “Hypothesis Testing” to prove or disprove it. In this case, the hypothesis was an inflamed thyroid based on an infection of some sort, either viral or bacterial. So, he went about it as follows: First, he prescribed some natural medicines to boost the immune system and to provide the necessary conditions for the body to naturally fight the infection on its own. Second, he advised me to take an herbal anti-viral tincture to eradicate possible viruses in my thyroid. Third, he recommended some UNDA numbers to balance the function of my thyroid gland. The hypothesis was proven to be true within a few days, based on the rapid and long lasting results!!

This is a chronicle of what I went through before Dr. Sharif was able to help me:

Around October of 2010, I developed pain in the middle right part of my neck. After a month of feeling the swollen and painful lymph node, I decided to make an appointment with an EENT (Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat) specialist. I was diagnosed with acid reflux, since my pain fluctuated with the type of the food I was eating. So, the EENT doctor put me on an antacid. I took the antacid pills for a few months and tried to note the food/neck pain correlation. At times, there seemed to be a direct correlation and at other times, no correlation at all. In the meantime, my energy level began to diminish to the point that by three in the afternoon, I had no energy to do my work. Keeping my eyes open and focusing on work late in the afternoon became a real issue for me.

So, in January of 2011, I decided to see a naturopath. He gave me an antibiotic since he felt that I was fighting a bacterial infection in the area of the thyroid. He wanted to rule out the bacterial cause. I didn’t take the medication, since I myself felt it wasn’t a bacterial issue. Furthermore, I failed to communicate that to the ND and didn’t follow up.

In March of 2011, I decided to go see another EENT, this time at a different clinic. He ordered an acid reflux test, barium swallow radiograph. The result showed moderate backflow to the 1/3 lower esophagus. So, he asked me to take Prilosec and stay away from wine, sugar, and acidic foods. He believed that the acid was making it all the way to the base of my neck, thereby eroding the lining of the esophagus, causing the pain and soreness.

I took Prilosec for the remainder of 2011 and by December of 2011, I had even more pain in my lower neck and my energy level had fallen to an all-time low, a very unusual state for me since I am normally a very energetic engineer with lots of joy for what I do!

So, In Jan of 2012, I decided to go back to the EENT who had prescribed the Prilosec. This time I insisted on getting complete imaging and blood tests, based on a phone consultation with Dr. Sharif. He ordered ultrasound, WBC, T3, T4, TSH. The ultrasound result showed the left side of the thyroid as non- homogenous (lumpy) – thyroiditis positive. However, the blood test came back normal. He referred me to an internist. He didn’t want to take this case any further, since he said it was no longer an EENT issue. After almost one year of pain, I felt almost betrayed, since he so abruptly referred me out! In retrospect, we should have done this test a year earlier!

In Feb 2012, I was seen by an internist. She ordered a new test, thyroid antibody test, to rule out the possibility of autoimmune disease of the thyroid. She diagnosed my condition as thyroiditis that would most likely eventually resolve on its own. She believed there was a 50/50 chance that the thyroid would become completely non-functional or that I would develop hypothyroidism. She said that acid-reflux could also be going on at the same time and I should continue with acid blockers. I wasn’t impressed with her, since she had zero input on root cause and no preventative actions were outlined. I was very sincere with her and told her this was unacceptable.

Later in February of 2012, I went to see an endocrinologist/thyroid disease specialist. After more testing, the endocrinologist verified that I indeed I had thyroiditis. Like the internist, he said that there was nothing I could take or do, except take NSAIDs, like ibuprofen, at the maximum dosage. He said this issue, inflammation of the thyroid gland, had to take its course, one to two years, after which I might lose my thyroid and become dependent on synthetic thyroid hormone for the rest of my life. Bottom line: root cause unknown and there is nothing to take to make the inflammation go way. Please note, this endocrinologist also happens to lecture at the University of Washington as a professor. So, I followed his advice and took Advil for two weeks. At first the pain went down substantially. It was great! I felt I had gotten my life back. However, after almost three weeks, the medicine lost its effect and the pain started getting worse. My energy level continued to deteriorate significantly, so much so that I was seriously concerned about not being able to do my job!!

Finally, in March of 2012, I went to see Dr. Sharif to see if there was anything he could do to make the pain go away and get my high energy levels back. After an hour of going over my history, he started me on three different kinds of Unda numbers and a custom tincture for thyroiditis. In less than a week, about three days, the pain had subsided almost to zero! After two weeks it was gone. And it hasn’t come back for eight months now! I am so thankful for what Dr. Sharif has done for me! I strongly encourage any reader to follow-up with Dr. Sharif if you haven’t already!


Irregular and painful periods

I have been suffering with irregular and painful periods ever since I began menses at age 15. For years, I have had physicians experiment with different medications, mainly birth control pills, in order to relieve pain and regulate my cycles. Each time, I traded one problem with another…one might take pain away, but caused fatigue, the other began to regulate my cycle, but cramps became unbearable. Now that I am 35, and about to get married, I am seeking to regulate things in order to have a healthy chance of getting pregnant. I began seeing Dr. Sharif 6 months ago who suggested that in order to regulate my hormones and ease painful symptoms I needed to cleanse and nurture my liver, the control center for so many functions in the body. To my surprise, I became regular within months and my symptoms have eased about 80%. I am elated, although I know that I will still have to stay on top of stress and my health in order to keep my liver functioning properly. After all these years, it only took months. I am extremely blessed to have been lead to Dr. Sharif.

Elizabeth (age 35)

Issaquah, Washington

Headaches and bouts of vomiting secondary to food allergies

I can not tell you how thankful we are after doing our 8 year old daughters allergy test and finding out what foods to avoid. It was amazing to me that as soon as we stopped the Wheat, dairy and eggs her symptoms vanished immediately. If you will recall she was having extremely bad headaches, and vomiting anywhere from 3 to 5 days a week. For three weeks now she has been free of these symptoms. Accidentally at a picnic she had some barbeque pork (we later found out had been prepared with soy sauce containing wheat). The next day she had a terrible headache. Thank you for helping us to uncover this and address it so she can feel good again.

Love and light

Getting and caring for a pet can help boost a person’s mood, and potentially prevent a person from committing suicide…

Our 15-year-old daughter had been struggling with depression for an entire year. She had began cutting and lying and hiding things from us. We felt desperate to help her to enjoy life again. In addition to homeopathy we decided to get a puppy.
Our new puppy has brought so much love and excitement into our home, everyone feels so much joy watching him you can’t help but be happy being around a puppy. Having the opportunity to care for something else and receive such unconditional love back has been such a healing process for our daughter. She looks forward to seeing him every morning when she wakes up, he give her a reason to get up in the morning. As her mom it has been such a joy for me to see her excited about life again and I’m so blessed that we have been able to help her with homeopathy and our new little puppy. I hope this helps someone out there who might have the same situation, to think outside the box and consider bringing a puppy into your home.