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What kinds of detoxification programs do we offer at Whole Health Clinic?
At Whole Health Clinic, we specialize in detoxification/cleansing as well as classical homeopathy. When it comes to detox/cleansing programs, there are numerous therapies available to you, including fasting, colon hydrotherapy, dietary/nutritional supplements, herbs, Biotherapeutic Drainage therapies, etc. At our clinic, we offer Biotherapeutic Drainage therapies (including UNDA numbers, Gemmotherapies and Gammadyns) as well as conventional naturopathic detoxification supplements using herbs and nutrients. Note that detoxification and/or Biotherapeutic Drainage is a key step in your healing process. It is listed as one of the steps in the “Seven Steps to Healing” article under the Educational Articles page on our website. Just as it is important to put good water and food in your body, it’s just as important for your body to eliminate waste products from outside as well as the inside of your cells.
Note: Clearly, if you are undergoing a detoxification program, it would only make sense to start making better dietary choices, including your solid foods and drinks. For instance, if you are not drinking enough water throughout the day, or consuming junk food on a daily basis, detoxification/drainage supplements may not be helpful to you.

Why is constipation such a serious condition?
Constipation results in the accumulation of a significant amount of toxicity and thus biochemical imbalance in the body, and therefore must be treated 100% effectively. Having regular daily bowel movements and urinating a few times a day, along with “normal” blood and urine lab test results, do not by themselves mean that your body is able to “eliminate” toxins properly. You must undergo a thorough drainage/detoxification protocol, under the supervision of a naturopathic doctor who specializes in Biotherapeutic Drainage, in order to assure proper elimination of toxins from the depth of the cells throughout your body. Note that often constipation must be treated first before a patient can feel any benefit from other therapies, including Biotherapeutic Drainage medicines. (Even though Biotherapeutic Drainage medicines themselves can indeed be used to treat constipation, I would rather employ other therapies such as castor oil packs, magnesium, herbal laxatives, colonic hydrotherapy, etc., to increase the frequency of the bowel movements BEFORE I recommend the use of UNDA numbers or at least the conventional dosing of them. Refer to my blog on “constipation” on our website.)

Environmental toxicity increasing…
Humanity is bombarded with toxins from various sources including heavy metals, pollutants, chemical toxins, etc. Environmentalists and public health experts warn that increasing exposure and toxic accumulations within the body can endanger overall health. Chronic diseases are on the rise and rates of respiratory disease, birth defects and developmental disorders have exponentially increased in recent decades. Here are a few examples that illustrate how pervasive toxins have become: Researchers have found lead in semen, mercury in mother’s milk, and arsenic in drinking water! It has been reported that in every human being alive, no matter where they live, they have at minimum over 250 chemicals in their tissues. There are numerous other examples which you either have heard of or can find out about on the internet.

How do toxins brings about disease? (TOXINS –> DISEASE)
Toxins interfere with the proper functioning/physiology of our cells and organelles, and consequently tissues/organ systems, thereby bringing about degeneration and causing our eventual death. For example, mercury, lead and aluminum can destroy nervous tissue.

Biotherapeutic Drainage helps physiology to prevail over pathology…
The body has the potential to naturally eliminate toxins – depending on the body’s toxic load. Biotherapeutic Drainage is the most long-lasting and effective way of restoring health to the body as it works at an intracellular and extracellular level, facilitating the emunctories to remove blockages while respecting natural physiology. Primary emunctories (or organs of elimination) include : the liver, kidney, stomach, intestines, and lungs. Secondary emunctories include the skin and mucous membranes. Opening the emunctories to discharge toxins helps to support physiological functions, encouraging the body towards homeostasis (balance). Hence, physiology will prevail over pathology.
Note: Physiology is a study of “function” in animals/humans, whereas pathology is the study of “diseases”. Naturopaths believe that by correcting function, disease can be prevented or even reversed.

Biotherapeutic Drainage versus detoxification?
Conventional naturopathic detoxification programs, using nutrients and herbs, have the potential to “push” the body, working towards the upper limits of elimination capacity in order to remove blockages. Biotherapeutic Drainage (using UNDA numbers), on the other hand, works in a “gentle” manner within the normal parameters of elimination capacity.

Biotherapeutic Drainage regulates the emunctories (organs of elimination) on an intracellular (within the cell) and extracellular (outside the cell) level, whereas “detoxification” helps cleanse our cells mostly at an extracellular level. What this means for you is that if you want to get the toxins out of the depth of your cells, you need to consider using Biotherapeutic Drainage medicines instead of or in addition to supplements designed for “detoxification”.

What is in UNDA numbers? Where are they made? And how do they work?
At Whole Health Clinic, we specialize in “Constitutional” Homeopathy as well as Biotherapeutic Drainage. UNDA numbers are the main Biotherapeutic Drainage therapies that we utilize in our treatment protocols. UNDA numbers contain a number of various low potency homeopathic remedies, as opposed to single remedy “constitutional” homeopathy. Often, a “constitutional” homeopathic remedy is given at a much higher potency, such as 200C or 1M. The company UNDA in Belgium is the maker of UNDA numbers which have been around close to 100 years.

UNDA numbers are ORGAN SPECIFIC. For instance, UNDA #243 is specifically designed to “drain” toxins out of liver cells. Or, UNDA #45 is designed to “drain” toxins out of kidney cells.

Please consider referring to the “Testimonials for Biotherapeutic Drainage” section on our website for first hand information from our patients regarding their experience with this amazingly effective natural therapy for detoxification/cleansing purposes.