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There are various ways of helping maximize the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies. The following are the most common techniques I have discovered over the years which I recommend you take note of if you use homeopathic remedies at all:

Always take homeopathic remedies at least 15 minutes away from food/drinks. Ideally, you should be fully fed and hydrated BEFORE you take your homeopathic remedy. Prior to taking the remedy AND for at least 15 minutes after taking the remedy, you should be sitting down, relaxed, your mind free of all thoughts/worries; try to be almost in a prayerful/meditative state. If possible, avoid perfumes at least on the day when you take the remedy.

Do your best to have an easy day without much stress on days when you take a homeopathic remedy. On such days, go to bed early, don’t drink alcohol, don’t get into arguments with people, don’t work too hard and avoid junk food. The remedies seem to work better if you receive EFT or “tapping” (a form of acupressure) by me in the office. Therefore, ideally reserve your remedy and take it during our visits together. Remember coffee seems to antidote (or cancel the effect of) homeopathic remedies; therefore, for as long as you are enjoying the effect of your remedy (which could be a number of months or even years), you should seriously consider avoiding coffee (regular or decaf). Caffeine (from any source other than coffee) is fine, however. Other factors that can antidote homeopathic remedies are listed in the document called “Basics of Constitutional Homeopathy” which can be found under Educational Articles on our website,

One “dose” of a homeopathic remedy is about 5 pills, all of which are typically dispensed in ONE small yellow envelope. In homeopathy the number of pills is immaterial (although you should take at least 3-5 pills at a time just to make sure you get enough of the medicine), it’s indeed the potency that counts. The potency is expressed in either “C” or “M” units. I typically prescribe the higher potencies, 200C or 1M, which are not available over-the-counter, and should not be taken too frequently. Ideally, one dose per month is typically sufficient for most people. The subject of dosing homeopathic remedies is not straightforward. However, for simplification purposes, most patients need to take a dose of their “constitutional” homeopathic remedy when the effect of the previous dose has worn off by at least 50%.